Ashtanga Primary Series- Find Balance and Challenge Within

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Ashtanga Primary Series

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When we start an Ashtanga Practice, we usually begin with the Ashtanga Primary Series.  The standing sequence of the Ashtanga Primary Series initiates weaving of one asana into the next form which K. Parrabhi Jois called “a garland of asanas.”  Think of this as a sandwich; our first piece of bread is Surya Namaskara, the peanut butter is the standing sequence, the jelly is the seated sequence, and the last piece of bread the finishing sequence.  

Ashtanga Primary Series creates Balance

In the Asthanga Primary Series standing sequence, we challenge our balance and learn to understand how the forces of gravity work on our body.  In all the asanas there is an “equality of opposition where we find the greatest sense of stability and comfort.” (David Swenson (paid link))  We equally root to the ground and energize upward.  Our feet establish our base and we root them deep.  From there, we can grow and expand to lengthen and lift through each asana.  Practice the asanas along with me:

The practice of yoga is a place to explore the balance in all areas of our life.  Balance is not just the ability to stay standing.  It is self awareness of where our life needs focus and structure.  Yoga can help us to create balance in a physical plane which we can then expand to our mental scope. 

Apply Ashtanga Primary Series to Life

In my life, I am constantly trying to balance my yoga teaching and practice, my family life with my kids and husband, my household chores, and my duties to God.  Some days I do better than others.  I do know that I can always return to my my mat to renew my sense of balance.  Let me know how you feel balance, both through yoga and beyond.

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