Having Union Through Deployment- 1 Brutal day to go

Having Union Through Deployment

Having Union Through Deployment

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The word Yoga mean Union. How are we to be having union through deployment as we are approaching a separation? We have been preparing for Josh’s deployment since February of 2020. This is our first deployment so we looked for ideas of things that we could do to help our family prepare emotionally.  It was hard to know how we would actually feel when the day of separation arrived.  

Things We did to Prepare for Deployment

Having Union Through Deployment

I purchased Deployment dolls for the kids and we took family pictures.

Having Union Through Deployment

We had tons of time with Josh in the weeks leading up to deployment.  Due to COVID-19, he completed four weeks of home quarantine in between his training.  We played tons of games inside and outside, watched movie marathons, ordered food, and walked our dog often.  I got very spoiled by both his helpfulness with house tasks and his constant presence.  I could ask him a question whenever I wanted and I could express my thoughts whenever I wanted.  I knew that I was living in a COVID bubble but I tried to just take it all in.

Then the morning arrived that Josh was to leave.  The whole day was a mess for me.  I cried every hour.  I felt that a piece of my heart had been carved out. I felt like I did not prepare my emotions for this deployment. Josh is my best friend and I cannot fathom how I will survive without him for six months.  Since Josh has been around so much, I could not escape the memory of him.  His presence was everywhere in the house and instead of the feelings being sweet, they were like constant rips in my heart.

How to Have Union Through Deployment

What does all this have to do with yoga?  Remember Yoga means Union?  What is that about? I have been teaching yoga since 2013 and if it had not been for Josh, I would not have had the courage to undertake the 200 hours of training.  I spent 6 hours a day, six days a week at the studio, payed out the nose in child care, all while Josh’s company at the time was going under.  It was a leap of faith and I could not have done it without the support I have from Josh, having UNION through deployment, if you will. 

Yoga Means Union

Yoga is translated as “union” and is defined as the science of realizing one’s true Self leading one to enlightenment.  I will not say that I am enlightened, but as I teach yoga or practice, I feel that I have purpose and meaning.  Yoga is the union of matter, body, mind, and intellect, with it’s original nature- Spirit.  When I do yoga, I feel that I am a partner with my body, breath, and spirit.  Having union through deployment can be realized through the help of yoga.

So how can I ignore my eternal partner, Josh?  It is all entwined in my spirit together.  I always try to recognize how much Josh helps me and he does it without complaint and without question.  The lack of his presence is a huge shift in my daily tasks.  He is my sounding board for all my creative endeavors.  While he is gone, I will endeavor to become a true yogi- one who seeks absolute truth over everything else.  And I will keep doing yoga, so that I can practice having UNION through deployment with Josh.

Having Union Through Deployment

Try to unlearn what you have learned.  Absolute reality means there are no prejudices, opinions, or perceptions.  Write down something you have learned.  Can you remove yourself from other’s opinions?  See what you can unlearn. (From The Yoga Mind (paid link) by Rina Jakubowicz) 

Are you in preparing for a deployment or in the midst of one?  Are you experiencing having union through deployment? Get my Top 10 List for Surviving Deployment. See if you can find your way to having union through deployment!

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