Surya Namaskara Foundations- A Powerful Sequence to Establish

Surya Namaskara Foundations

Surya Namaskara Foundations

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Welcome to Surya Namaskara Foundations of the Ashtanga Primary Series, the Surya Namaskara A and B sequences.  Surya means “the sun” and Namaskara is a greeting of honor and respect to the divinity present in each of us.  With the Surya Namaskaras, we set the rhythm and mood for each session of yoga.  For Ashtanga, the Primary, Intermediate, and Advanced sequences are an extension of what we learn in the movement of the surya namaskara foundations.  We marry breath and movement in a way that sets this system of yoga apart from other methods.  Try one of each A and B with me here:


Surya Namaskara Foundations- Movement

Feel the relationship between the movement and breath as you enjoy the surya namaskara foundations sequence.  Notice that the inhales happen as you lift your body, like with urdhva dhanurasana (upward dog), and the exhales happen as you fold the body, like in adho muhka svasana (downward facing dog).  I suggest working up to completing five of each surya namaskara foundations daily!

Importance of Breath


Breath is a source of movement and the very core of our existence.  I like to ride the sequence as I would a wave in the ocean or an enjoyable piece of music.  Try to use only the energy needed to move from point A to B and relax areas that are not required to be engaged.  “Be free. Be light. Be joyful in the experience and expression of your personal practice.” David Swenson 

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