Svadharma to Live Your Truth- Strong Enough to Go Against the Flow

Svadharma to Live Your Truth

Svadharma to Live Your Truth

Let’s talk about an aspect of the yogic lifestyle, Svadharma to live your truth.  This principle belongs in the Bhagavad Gita, an antient Hindu text that embodies the themes of realizing one’s true essential nature.  Svadharma means that we should live according to our own nature, live our truth. 

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Svadharma to live your truth

How do you live Svadharma to live your truth?

People who decide to follow their true natures lead successful and rich lives.  To know if you are living according to your own nature, look at the decisions you make.  If they are based on your essential nature regardless of what society expects, you are living your full life.

How do I live my Truth?

I am feeling this way a little as I find my political views in the minority within the community I am living. I am not outwardly political and I do not post my views on FaceBook.  However, I have a strong conviction in my free agency and my duty to vote.  It is my god given right to choose from my conscience and values and that may not match up with those around me. 

I have felt a strong impression that I need to teach my children that they also have the right the choose.  They need to understand the democratic process and when it is time for them to vote, they should research and choose from their conscience.  They should not be swayed by my opinions or the “popular” vote.  My truth is influenced strongly by my faith.  But that I have chosen as well.  I do not simply believe what my parents taught me, I have searched for my own conviction of the truth.  This is the way I choose to live my truth; quietly, one free will choice at a time. 

Yoga Traveler kids
My three kids!

People who follow their nature (Svadharma to live your truth), must be strong and resilient enough to go against the flow.  If we understand our essential nature, we will be able to serve ourselves and others in the most efficient way.  This is genuine living at its best!

Svadharma to Live Your Truth Practice

Try this practice from The Yoga Mind (paid link): 52 Essential Principles by Rina Jakubowicz:

Grab a journal and pen.  Answer the following questions the best you can to determine what your nature consists of.  

    + What did you want to be when you grew up?

    + What are your natural passions?

    + What would you do for work if you never had to worry about being paid?

    + What are your first thoughts in the morning?

    + What are you naturally good at?

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