Yoga and Essential Oils- 6 Oils to Reach Your Goals

Yoga and Essential Oils

Yoga and Essential Oils

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Yoga and essential oils can be combined together for some strong emotional and physical benefits. When we apply essential oils to skin, diffuse them, or drink them, we are taking the plants natural defense system for our own benefit. Aromatically, essential oils can directly affect the airways. It can affect our moods and emotions, and the aroma can purify the air. When used topically, essential oils can be applied directly to a specific area. When oils are ingested, they can directly support the digestive system and our immune system.

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Yoga and Essential Oils Practice

Have an aroma experience today! Place 2-3 drops of Juniper Berry on your yoga mat. This a cleansing and detoxifying agent which will help relieve tension and stress.

Place 2-3 drops of Lemon oil in a cup to sip while you practice. Lemon has cleansing and energizing properties and it helps increase focus and concentration.

Start laying in Savasana and apply Roman Chamomile on your third eye, forehead, and back of neck. This will calm and relax you and enhance your spiritual awakening.

Yoga and Essential Oils

Place 2 drops of Peppermint into your hands. Rub them together and inhale and then apply it to your lower belly. This will help soothe digestion and support assimilation of new information. Practice some strong standing poses to stretch the legs and stimulate the digestive system.

Use Essential Oils in Yoga Class

Place In-Tune (doTERRA) on forearms while seated before a twist. In Tune will help you focus and calm the mind so that you can live in the here and now. After a few yoga twists, practice some inversions to clear the mind and gain some insight.

Yoga and Essential Oils

Finish in Savasana with Lavender oil on the third eye, brow swipe, and back of neck. Lavender is a sedative and will bring one in touch with qualities of open communication and speaking the truth.

“The life we want is not merely the one we have chosen and made. It is the one we must be choosing and making.” -Wendell Berry

Try this sequence for Balancing the Mood with Yoga and Essential Oils.

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