Top 10 Deployment Tips for Survival all Military Spouses Need

Deployment Tips for Survival

Top 10 Deployment Tips for Survival

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Deployment tips for survival- A thing we in the military know will happen but dread anyway.  All of a sudden you find yourself a single parent who shoulders all the tasks of the household (housekeeper, taxi driver, teacher, unpaid shopper) and all the emotions of loss, loneliness, anger, anxiety, and exhaustion.  Then you have to deal with your kids emotions and be strong for them.

It all sounds like too much!  But then you start to talk to spouses who have been through a military deployment before.  You learn some deployment tips for survival and you find a new normal. Here is how I utilized deployment tips for survival and survived our first military deployment:

Deployment Tips for Survival

Deployment Tips for Survival

1. Do Yoga– Yoga is huge part of my life.  If you would like yoga to help you like it has helped me, I have developed a program for you, Yoga for Deployment.  But if yoga is not for you- just pick something to move you physically.  This will boost your endorphins which make you happy!  Positive outlets for your stress during are key to deployment tips for survival!

2. Plan Something to Look Forward to Every Month– I planned an outing or road trip every month during our military deployment.  I love to adventure where we are and we had to stay pretty close due to COVID, but our little weekend trips took me out of my routine and gave us something to look forward to and plan for.  And I did not have to cook, clean, or drive my kids to all their lessons. A break for ME and this was probably my favorite deployment tip for survival!

Deployment Tips for Survival
Look who came with us to the Oklahoma State Parks?

Looking for some travel ideas? Here are some great tips! Travel Tips for Europe

3. Accept Help– I have a really hard time accepting help.  Do you?  I love to feel and be independent and accepting help makes me feel weak.  I know, this is not true.  The best bit of advice I got was to learn to say no.  I learned to say no to obligations that I knew would take me over the edge.  And I did accept help.  I did it graciously and with a smile.

Deployment Tips for Survival
Oh! There he is again!!

4. Find a Creative Outlet- I found a great need to create something while my husband was deployed.  He was creating all these learning experiences for his career and his life and I needed something more than just simply staying afloat while he was gone.  I created an online yoga business, Yoga Traveler.  I funneled ALL my creative juices into this business and I felt really happy and extremely fulfilled.  I certainly had a deployment project.

5. Create A Sanctuary In Your Room– This is maybe my favorite of the deployment tips for survival. My room is my special place.  It is my online yoga studio, it is my sound booth for recording meditations, it is where I lay on the floor and meditate (or nap), it is filled with gentle lights and lamps.  I love it!  And I can shut and lock the door if I need a time out.  I may have a hard time letting Josh back in…

Need for Online Yoga for Beginners
Seriously, this was the hardest thing to have to share again! I guess I need a She-Shed yoga studio

6. Eat Healthy and Get to Bed– I know I just feel better if I eat well.  I feel really good with a Macros based diet.  And I feel better if I get to bed.  Some days were a push, it was like a marathon to the finish line which was my bed.  But I did better when I finally got there.

7.  Monthly Massage– My sweet Josh gifted me with six months of massages while he was gone.  It was fantastic!!  If you can afford this, I highly suggest the expense.

8. DoorDash- We did our deployment during COVID-19 so DoorDash was a life saver. It was so exciting to order food on my phone and just wait in the comfort of home for it to be delivered.  No, mess, no clean up, no stress.  We did DoorDash once a week.

9. Read Books for Escape– I am a big reader and I love to just enter into another world and escape my own.  I found myself reading my favs because I knew I would be happy at the end of the book.  And I have to admit, I read a few tawdry romances.  (Look up the Black Dagger Brotherhood (paid link) series.) Josh was gone after all…

10. Play with Your Kids– I found this time in deployment tips for survival to be a really great time to connect with my kids.  We had one on one dates, we planned activities together, I planned little surprises for them.  I really felt that we had each other.  They were my pals and I treasured it.

Deployment Tips for Survival
A Little surprise- New Christmas masks for school. I bought them before I knew that they would be out of school from Thanksgiving to the New Year. Oh Covid!

Have you been through a military deployment?  What are your deployment tips for survival? How did you THRIVE?

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