Finger Mudras for Yoga- 5 Fingers of Discovery

Finger Mudras for Yoga

Finger Mudras for Yoga

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Finger Mudras for yoga are symbolic hands gestures that yoga practitioners use to focus energy, bring peace, and enlightenment.  Practicing mudras can calm and bring joy while focusing on the higher meaning of the gesture. They are usually practiced during breathing practices (pranayama) or meditation.

Mudras for Vitality
Jnana Mudra

Finger Mudras for Yoga Practice

Try Jnana (Gyan) Mudra.  Spread your fingers with the palm up.  Your thumb represents the Self, pure consciousness.  The index finger is your ego, the individual self.  The last three fingers represent your three “bodies”- body. mind, and intellect.

Finger Mudras for yoga

When we are on the path of Yoga, the ego must always be under the Self.  This is why the index finger curls under the thumb.  The last three fingers stay separate from the others because the body, mind, and intellect are not the absolute truth.  

Try sitting cross legged and place your hands on your knees in Jnana Mudra.  Hold the mudra for five minutes and reflect on the meaning of the mudra.  Remember that the Self is above all else and that you are not your body, mind, or intellect.  

Let me know what you discover! Also, try some meditation, a great partner to mudras.

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