The Three Gunas Explained- Unleash the Power Within

Three Gunas Explained

The Three Gunas Explained

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The Three Gunas Explained- We are all made up of parts of the Three Gunas (mental state): Tamas (inertia), Rajas (activity), and Sattva (purity).  Find out what Guna dominates you!

Three Gunas Explained

Take this quiz Which Guna Rules Your Mental State? to see what is your defining guna right now.

We all want to move ourselves toward Sattva so here are some practices you can do to shift your mental energy from the book The Yoga Mind (paid link) by Rina Jakubowicz.

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Three Gunas Energy Experiments

The three gunas explained can be felt in our daily activity. Try these energy assessments and see if you can determine your energetic needs.


Sit on your couch and mindlessly watch TV.  Notice how you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally after spending time being lazy.  Grab your journal and pen and make a list of three areas of your life in which you tend to procrastinate.  Reflect on how you feel daily when you take no action.  Now reflect on how you will feel if you decide to take action and accomplish your tasks.


Get your yoga mat and come into plank.  Push the floor away and round the upper back.  Exhale and lower into chaturanga. Inhale and straighten the arms for upward facing dog.  Exhale and press the hips high for downward facing dog.  Inhale into plank and repeat this 8 times.  Is your mind agitated- either from physical exhaustion or unfulfilled desires? Just observe.

2nd Limb of Yoga Niyama


Get your yoga mat and come into plank.  Press your palms flat and round your back some. This could create the sensation of pushing the floor away from you.  Drop your knees to the floor for support if needed.  Hold the pose for 20 breaths and remember to be poised, serene, and contemplative.

Now that you have the three gunas explained, you can start to build the energy for your day!

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