3 Tips to change Negative Thoughts- for the Frazzled Spouse

Tips to Change negative thoughts

Tips to Change Negative Thoughts

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During deployment, we need tips to change negative thoughts. Do you ever feel your mind focusing on negative thoughts while your spouse is deployed?  It is easy to do because when your mind takes over, it has a tendency to move toward the negative and drown out the clear, positive voice. 

My husband was deployed in the middle of the COVID -19 pandemic.  Not only did I not have control of his world as he was across the ocean, I did not have control of the world outside my home and I felt the constant threat of the virus looming.  I had guilt every time I allowed my children to play at a friend’s house, took them to dance or gymnastics, or planned a weekend outing.  I felt an extreme amount of pressure as I tried to make decisions for the welfare of my family without the backing of Josh.  It was mentally exhausting.  At times, I definitely needed tips to change my negative thoughts.

Deployment Tips for Survival
A Little surprise- New Christmas masks for school. I bought them before I knew that they would be out of school from Thanksgiving to the New Year. Oh Covid! Smiles behind those masks though.

Mental Focus Shift

Pratipaksha Bhavana is the ability to see things from a different point of view by understanding a higher absolute truth.  I believe in God, so most of the time, I would give my fears up to Him and look for the silver lining the world around me.  The goal of Pratipaksha Bhavana is to notice that nothing will get you down because your mind is fixed on the positive.   Tips to change negative thoughts! And those silver linings were there in the midst of COVID and deployment.  

Mental Focus Exercises- 3 Tips to Change Negative Thoughts

Have you ever tried to change a negative thought to a positive one? Try these three tips to change negative thoughts.

  1. Have you ever tried to change a negative thought to a positive one?  Some people say a mantra every morning, sing an uplifting tune, say a prayer of gratitude.  If we have awareness and understanding of our mental patterns, we will be able to see a negative thought coming and know how to change it before it takes hold.  
Mantras for Gratitude for Beginners
Try these mantras to help you feel gratitude

2. Try this practice from the book The Yoga Mind by Rina Jakubowicz: Grab a pen and a journal or paper and set a timer for 10 min.  Close your eyes and write anything that pops into mind.  Try not to edit or open your eyes while writing.  Once you are finished, put down the pen and read what you wrote.  Do you notice a common theme?  Do you hear a negative affirmation repeatedly?  If so, shift your perspective on the situation and exchange a negative thought for a positive one.  This is the first step toward Pratipaksha  bhavana.

3. Meditation- Meditation should be part of our daily mental focus exercises. It will help us to control our breath and focus the mind.

Tips to Change Negative Thoughts

Are you preparing for a deployment or in the midst of one? Do you need tips to change negative thoughts? I have a list for you! Get my Top 10 Tips for Surviving Deployment!

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