Vendanta End of Knowledge- 1 Hack for a Calm Deployment

Vendanta is End of Knowledge

Vendanta End of Knowledge

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Vendanta end of knowledge is scientific knowledge of how you can have an active and peaceful life.  If we learn Vendanta, we should be able to handle any challenge with grace and objectivity.  Studying and practicing Vendanta can bring about understanding, calmness, and stress reduction in all areas of our life. 

So why does Deployment feel so opposite of Vendanta?  Perhaps it is because we don’t have control over when our loved one will leave, when they will return, what will happen to them or us while they are gone- the list goes on and on. It is Vendanta, end of knowledge!

What is Vendanta End of Knowledge?

Vendanta was founded between 1800 and 1000 BCE.  Yoga masters noticed that people were suffering and experiencing stress, even while the external world was being perfected.  Yogis decided to focus on studying themselves as subjects instead of obsessing over objects of the world. So, Vendanta is a study of oneself and the knowledge gained is all one needs to create a harmonious and full life.  

How am I trying to gain Vendanta, end of knowledge, during this deployment?  I am working on my creative outlet with my yoga practice through private clients, group classes, and an internet platform, Yoga for Deployment. (Check out the program!  It is designed just for military spouses.) I am growing closer to my children by planning outings and adventures together.  I enjoy my time with each child one on one and together as a family.  I am growing my relationship with God through personal scripture study and prayer.  I am taking time to be quiet and still in a personal place of solace (often on my bed, it is called “dedicated rest.”)  Vendanta end of knowledge will help me endure!

Need for Online Yoga for Beginners
My yoga studio, my room, my place for dedicated rest!

Vendanta End of Knowledge Practice

From the Yoga Mind (paid link) by Rina Jakubowicz

Vrkasana: Tree pose

Vendanta End of Knowledge

Stand tall in the pose and hold for five breaths.  Ask yourself, “Who is doing this pose?” Go to the deepest layer of the answer.  Who is that “I?” Switch sides and hold for five breaths while asking, “What is creating balance in this pose?” Take away the obvious answers, like muscles, and see what arises.  You are only creating the ability to question, not necessarily finding the answers.

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