Yoga Deployment Project- 3 Reasons it made this Spouse Happy

Yoga Deployment Project

Yoga Deployment Project

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When Josh was preparing to go on his deployment, he told me that many spouses will choose a project to complete during deployment to help them stay busy and pass the time.  I thought, “that is crazy!”  I knew that I would be plenty busy juggling the household, my three kids, my yoga teaching and practice, and my religious service.  That sounded like plenty to do.  

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Three kids and plenty of yoga to keep me very busy!

But then Josh left.  I quickly recognized that I would not be able to use the many mundane tasks of my life to pass the time and feel fulfilled.  I know that what I do day in and day out matters, but it did not feel that I would have anything concrete to show for my time while Josh was gone.  And Josh would come home with a wealth of new experiences.  All of a sudden, a yoga deployment project did not seem like such a bad idea.

My Yoga Deployment Project

Cecilia Holle, owner of GYM in Enid, OK, told me of Namastream, an online platform where I could launch an online yoga studio.  All of a sudden, things just clicked.  I have always wanted to own my own studio but being part of the Air Force means that we are not stable in one location for more than three years.  An online studio would move with me and it would give me the means to connect with beloved yogis that I have left behind.  I joined Namastream and became Yoga Traveler.

Yoga Deployment Project

Yoga Traveler

Namastream taught me all that it takes to make a stab at the internet world.  There was so much more than just simply recording videos and putting them online.  I started a yoga blog, I opened a MailChimp account for newsletters and mailings, I got way more visible on






and I watched HOURS and DAYS and WEEKS of training videos from Namastream.  It was a huge learning curve for me and let’s face it, I still have a long way to go. I have since moved my online studio to the host Podia.

3 Reasons for a Deployment Project

  1. Create a Passion Project- For me, it was my Yoga Deployment Project.  I had a place to offer yoga programs that I was passionate about.  I used all my emotional energy to create Yoga for Deployment for other spouses in the same position as me, going through deployment.
  2. Creative Outlet- I had to place to share my voice and my movement. I put all my energy into creating something for others, a yoga deployment project.  But it also allowed me to move, being yoga, and I felt fulfilled in the creative process. I had a very creative outlet that brings me a TON of joy. 
  3. Gain a Sense of Control- I had all the control in the world over my online site, my yoga deployment project,  when sometimes I had little control over other aspects of my life.   

Sure, many nights I go to bed way too late.  And I was right when I told Josh that I would not lack for things to do.  But I do feel fulfilled and when Josh returns, we will both have things to share from our time apart.  So who needs a yoga deployment project anyway? “I do, I do!”  

Are you in preparing for a deployment or in the midst of one?  Get my Top 10 List for Surviving Deployment!

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