Yoga Namaste for Deployment- For the Brave 1 Overseas

Yoga Namaste for Deployment

Yoga Namaste for Deployment

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Yoga Namaste for deployment means “the light within me honors and loves the light within you.” Namaste is an expression of honor and respects the other person as being made as the same Pure Consciousness as you. (Rina Jakubowicz)  When we say and hear Namaste, we feel a sense of union, compassion, and acknowledgment, regardless of circumstances.  

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The Yoga Mind(paid link) – A Great tool for Yoga Namaste for Deployment!

So let’s say yoga Namaste for deployment for our loved one today.  Can I feel a sense of union with my spouse while he is an ocean away?  I have to say that technology helps.  In 2020 my husband was quarantined on base in Germany due to COVID- 19 and we have established a regular FaceTime schedule.  Sometimes we do not have a lot to say but I can still enjoy the union of our voices and thoughts being expressed.

Yoga Namaste for Deployment
Josh in Germany, 2020

Can I feel compassion for my spouse? Yes, I can empathize with his impatience at his situation in a holding pattern and his desire to eventually move on to his real work in Africa. And he can acknowledge my frustrations learning to navigate my life without him. Yoga Namaste for Deployment helps us to be empathetic to each other.

Yoga Namaste for Deployment
Just a little Namaste and COVID humor!

“There is so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, that it ill behooves any of us to find fault with the rest of us.” -James Truslow Adams (American Writer and Historian)

Yoga Namaste for Deployment Practice

Sit comfortably with your spine long and your hands in prayer in front of your heart.  Close your eyes .  Visualize your deployed loved one.  Feel their warmth and love in your heart.  Bow your head and say “Namaste” to your loved one three times, sincerely.

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