Yoga Tools for Beginners- 7 Easy Steps for Calm at Home

Yoga Tools for Beginners

Yoga Tools for Beginners

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Yoga tools for Beginners- I have been teaching yoga since 2013 but this year of 2020 has changed my whole teaching philosophy. All of sudden, it was not advised to be in close proximity with people. The deep expelling of breath may not have been such a great a idea and the essential oils that I would rub on foreheads in savasana could transit germs from person to person. So I had to rethink things. I decided that I need to now teach people how to viably do yoga in their home. Here is a simple tool, yoga tools for beginners,  that I developed to help the “Home Yogi Beginner.”

Yoga Tools for Beginners

Yoga Tools for Beginners Routine

Doing yoga at home is easier than we might have thought.

  • Roll out your yoga mat (paid link) on any surface, the hardwood floor, tile, or carpet. A good mat can handle it!
  • Grab your yoga block (paid link) or a stack of hard cover books in a pinch to help you reach further to the floor in standing poses.
  • Find a blank wall where you can throw your feet up for relaxation or inversion work
  • Have a yoga strap (paid link) or towel handy to help with flexibility in seated poses
What to put in a yoga bag for beginners
Have your props around you for ultimate success!
  • Turn on your internet capable device to tune into your favorite online yogi. I suggest my site, Yoga Traveler!
Follow this Guide to help you start a good yoga habit!
  • Put aside just 15-20 min a day for a good, consistent yoga practice. When we are at home, we cannot expect that we will spend an hour- hour and a half like we do in a studio class. In fact, 15-20 min a day of yoga asana is better than one hour class a week. It will keep your body constantly warm and bendy!
Essential Beginner Tools for Yoga

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