Mindfulness Practice for Yogis- 1 Powerful Way to Think

Mindfulness Practice for Yogis

Mindfulness Practice for Yogis

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Mindfulness practice for yogis is the ability to pay attention to your surroundings, pay attention to others, pay attention to your emotions, within yourself in the present moment. Easier said than done! Let’s try a mindfulness practice for yogis together.

When I begin a yoga class, I remind my students that they should not dwell on what happened earlier in the day or yesterday. They should not plan what still needs to happen when the yoga session is over. They should just focus on one breath at a time and this will help them to be present. For me, this feels like giving my mind a rest. It is restful to just think about one thing at a time. It is calming. This is a type of mindfulness.

The Way to Mindfulness Practice for Yogis

How do we get rid of the junk, thoughts, emotions, and clutter in our minds? We learn, with patience, that we can be conscious and considerate of others and yourself with adding judgement. When we declutter the mind, we slow it down. The mind becomes controlled by the intellect and is able to see clearly in the present space.

Do every act of your life as though it were the very last act of your life. -Marcus Aurelius

The Yoga Mind by Rina Jakubowicz

Guided meditation from The Yoga Mind (paid link) by Rina Jakubowicz:

Get your favorite dessert (see mine above) and put a piece on a fork. Sit comfortably, keep your spine straight. Grab the fork and close your eyes. Observe the taste in your mouth before eating the dessert. Get rid of distracting thoughts by focusing on the taste in your mouth. Do this for 30 seconds. Place the dessert in your mouth but do not swallow or chew. Leave it on your tongue. Taste the flavor and its sensation for 30 seconds and then chew slowly 15 times. Observe while chewing, and swallow. Get the sensation of being present for just one moment. That’s all that matters. Love this? Get the book for yourself!

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