Essential Books for Yoga Teachers- 7 Resources to Love

Books for Yoga Teachers

Essential Books for Yoga Teachers

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Are you a yoga teacher? I have been teaching since 2013 and I have found some essential books for yoga teachers. These are powerful resources to apply to your classes.

7 Essential Books for Yoga Teachers

I did a 200-hour training in Ashtanga Yoga and the Ashtanga Yoga Practice Manual (paid link) was my bible! It taught me the Sanskrit that I use to teach, modifications for poses that are tricky, and how to move in and out of each asana. Essential! The real bible of yoga though, is the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (paid link). It will explain the 8 limb path of yoga I learned that yoga is not just an exercise, it is a lifestyle.

Once I got out of training, the time to teach and sequence for myself began. Not all of my students could handle the rigors of Ashtanga (and I believe yoga can be adapted for everyone!). So I turned to Yoga Sequencing (paid link) and Yoga Adjustments (paid link) by Mark Stephens. The first book gave me insight into flows with themes for sequences and the second book helped me with hand on adjustments for my private clients.

I branched out into Chair Yoga (paid link) and Kid’s Yoga (paid link). You just never know who you are going to teach and I do believe in the power of yoga for every age, every stage. Try these great resources out!

I recently picked up this new book that looks great for sequencing Yoga Themes (paid link). I love to have a class with a theme because it frames the focus so clearly. The experience for the student is always more meaningful. Let’s explore this book together!

Books for Yoga Teachers

I have now moved a portion of my teaching online. I would love feedback from other yoga teachers and to know your list of essential books for yoga teachers! Check out my online site, Yoga Traveler.

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