3 Body Warming Yoga Sequences- Heat from the Inside Out

Body Warming Yoga Sequences


3 Body Warming Yoga Sequences

Yoga is a wonderful discipline for the back and hips.  There are excellent body warming yoga sequences.  When we do asana (yoga poses), we bend, twist, fold, stretch, and energize the body. Three excellent body warming yoga sequences for back and hip stimulation are Suyra Namaskara A, Suyra Namaskara B, and Dancing Warrior. In these sequences we link the breath to each movement. This becomes calming and energizing at the same time. The connection between the breath and body and set up a healthy rhythm for the whole day. Try them along with me to feel the benefits for yourself!

Yoga Nidra for Deployment

Body Warming Yoga Sequences Practices

This first sequence will outline the benefits of Suyra Namaskara in warming the body inside and out as well as the benefits for the motion in the back.

This sequence will demonstrate modifications for Suyra Namaskara A and B.  Modifications make poses and transitions possible as we learn the sequence and build strength.

Body Warming Yoga Sequences
Dancing Warrior can be used as continued warming after completing Suyra Namaskara A and B.

Pair this physical movement with yoga breath work!

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