4 Yoga Books to Love One by One

4 Yoga Books to Love

4 Yoga Books to Love one by one!

Listen on Spotify! Do you love yoga like I do? I have 4 yoga books to love!  The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali teaches a student about the lifestyle of yoga. In the west, many think of yoga as just a physical practice, the asanas. Yoga is a lifestyle and this book will teach about the eight limbs of yoga. The book is a collection of four books to guide the reader through the trials and self-discovery of yoga.  The goal is to connect the mind and body through meditation, movement, and breath work. Yoga Sutras (paid link) 4 Yoga Books to Love I enjoy meditation but I admit, that I am not very good at it. I enjoy a guided meditation experience. This is a great resource that I have found. The meditations are divided into 5-20 min increments and includes three sections of clearly themed meditations: Basic Mindfulness, Everyday Mindfulness, and Mindful Moods. Practicing Mindfulness (paid link) 4 Yoga Books to Love I love learning about the seven Chakras and designing my personal practice around chakra balancing. This workbook includes information about the chakras, audio CD’s, chakra cards, sequences, and workbook for finding balance in the chakras.  I especially enjoy the sun salutations designed to open and balance each chakra. Chakra Balancing (paid link) 4 Yoga Books to Love And to learn a little bit about everything yoga? The Yoga Mind by Rina Jakubowicz. I like it because it gives a quick snap shot of a yoga topic and then I can research deeper the topics that interest me. The Yoga Mind (paid link) 4 Yoga Books to Love

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