The Compelling Need for Online Yoga for Beginners-9 Benefits

Need for Online Yoga for Beginners

The Compelling Need for Online Yoga for Beginners

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The Need for Online Yoga for Beginners is real.  Let me tell you my story.  My name is Abby Turner and I am the founder of Yoga Traveler.  I came into my yoga practice in 2011 after the birth of my third child.

I was struggling with Post-Pardum depression.  I got sad every time the sun went down.  I was angry and felt that I had no control.

I could no longer handle the cardio classes that I was forcing myself to do.  I thought that I had to give everything up since I could hardly handle my three kids (outnumbered you know?)

Then I went to a night time yoga class and my whole outlook was changed.  I LOVED it right away!  I felt stretched, energized, and calm all at once.  And I decided I would never do cardio again! (Well, almost never.)

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How did I learn It?- The Need for Online Yoga for Beginners

I got my 200-hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training and I started teaching neighbors in my home.  Then my husband joined the US Air Force and I had to take my practice and my teaching on the road.

Now, I teach yoga in person and online and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else! I love reconnecting with friends that I have had to leave behind through each move. And I love to see how yoga can change lives…just like it did mine. The need for online yoga for beginners helps both me and my fellow yogis.

What Have I Learned? There is a NEED for Online Yoga for Beginners

I have been blessed to teach in many places- Utah, Las Vegas, Northern Japan, and Oklahoma.  And my journey is not over yet.  Each time I have learned something new.  Each time my personal teaching style and personal yoga practice has evolved.  But I believe our yoga journey is never over.  I still have time to grow, as do you.

What am I doing? Probably just my best like all of you are trying to do!  But I do think I have learned some things in my years of teaching.  I have taught yoga lessons in my living room, in fitness centers and gyms, to people who have never done yoga, to people who have done more yoga than me, to those who speak mostly Japanese, and to yogi’s wishing to be teachers themselves. I have had to learn to teach online as I believe strongly in the need for online yoga for beginners.

What have I learned through all this?  That yoga is not a one size fits all!  I have learned to do yoga for children, yoga on a chair, yoga for relaxation, yoga for meditation, yoga for physical fitness, yoga for emotional struggles, yoga for healing.

I truly believe that yoga is a life long journey, ever changing, ever evolving.  And I think what I do best is teach people how to adapt yoga to their own bodies and situation. This is why we have a need for online yoga for beginners.

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Here is a Peak Inside my Online Home Studio

What do I mean by that?  We are a military family.  We move every two to three years.  Each time I move, I look for a new place to teach yoga.  A new space, a new employer, a new group of students.  Honestly, it is exhausting.

I have always wanted my own studio space.  I did not know how to rent a space for a few years and then move on.  I would not have time to build up my client base and remember, when I move to a place, I don’t know anyone. I have to start from scratch.

But, there is a huge world of people that I know and love.  They are scattered all over, from Utah, to Nevada, to Germany, to Oklahoma, you name it! The way that I can reach them is though the power of the internet. This is why I believe in the need for online yoga for beginners.

So I created my own space in my bedroom!  The camera shows just one wall with my door and closet doors.

Need for Online Yoga for Beginners
Need for Online Yoga for Beginners
Need for Online Yoga for Beginners- Abby and Mochi
Need for Online Yoga for Beginners

There is our bed, my dresser and hope chest, the doggie that hates to be locked out of “studio”, and my oldest girl doing yoga with me.  What does this look like?  Just a bedroom!  But it is my space to create and heal and care for my body!

You can see me doing yoga from my iPad with Zoom, you can see how others in my household gets involved.

Need for Online Yoga for Beginners

I love this though.  I love that I can walk into my room and have my yoga space.  This could be your space!  This could be how you care for yourself in your OWN space!

Again, I know the Need for Online Yoga for Beginners is Real!

But what I really want you to know is that your struggle with finding time to practice is real and I know it’s possible to re-frame what your yoga practice looks like. What you desire is possible!

The students that get the best results from me are those that…

  • Enjoy a quick practice before moving on with their day
  • Are trying to find ways to work a practice in around kids, jobs, and changing circumstances
  • Enjoy understanding how to modify yoga poses for a successful practice
  • If you believe as I do or are curious about anything that I have said, take a minute to consider my Membership.  It is a low cost monthly fee and you have 24 hour access to all different types of yoga.  Each lesson is categorized so that you can find your fit.  You will not regret the decision to join.
  • New yoga lesson loaded into the Membership Weekly- $80 Value per month!
  • Large variety of lessons categorized by length, difficulty, and style
  • Access to monthly Live sessions for FREE- $50 value per month!
  • Save time and money- no gym fees, no gas to and from the gym, studio in your own home!
  • Do yoga lessons anytime that works for you!  I know you are a busy person…
  • Low monthly fee – cancel anytime

Get all of this for just $19.99 a month!!!  

Become part of the Yoga Traveler Family! Discover YOUR need for online yoga for beginners.

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