Yoga for Weight Loss- Mindful+Meditation=Meaningful Change

Yoga for Weight Loss

Yoga for Weight Loss

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Yoga for Weight Loss– You’ve Decided that Dieting is Not For You. “I am so sick of focusing only on the scale for weight loss.”  “I am sick of trying to figure out how many calories I need for my activity level.”  “I am sick of trying things that do not stick.”  How many times have you said that to yourself?  Probably many, many times.

And let me know…does this describe you? You…

  • Want to feel like your best self
  • Have wondered if mindfulness really will make a difference
  • Want to understand how motivation and intention affects weight loss

I have said all three of these things! I believe that all women should love and appreciate their bodies.  I believe that women should enjoy eating. I believe we are happier when we feel strong and balanced.

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The Yoga for Weight Loss Method

I’m inviting you to experience the transformative effects of mindfulness, meditation, and gentle yoga practice with my signature method: Mindfulness + Meditation = Meaningful Change

Yoga for Weight Loss is a six-week program that I am personally going to lead you through.  I will teach you how to be mindful about your food choices and how to let go of that inner guilty voice.

All the Benefits of Yoga for Weight Loss

With Yoga for Weight Loss you get:

  • Six weeks of discussion and instruction – $120 value
  • Weekly PDF’s and homework to help you find mindfulness around eating- $95 value
  • Six weeks of pre-recorded gentle yoga practices – $120 value
  • 15 pre-recorded meditations- $150 value
  • Private FaceBook group for motivation, encouragement, and community. We are all in this journey together! – Invaluable!

And Bonuses!!

  • 4 Breathing technique tutorials- $40 value
  • 1st and 3rd Chakra Sun Salutation videos- $20 value
  • Chakra Journey Meditation$10 value
  • 4 Tutorials- Modifications for seated and standing poses, Yoga Props, and Setting up home space- $40 value
  • 4 Yoga sessions- Beginning Yoga, Healing Sequence, Poses on the Floor, Focus on Twists- $80 value
  • Tips, Tricks, and Trade Secrets- $165 value
You will enjoy this meditation in the Yoga for Weight Loss program

I am looking for women who want to stop feeling guilt and shame about what they eat or why they eat, and are looking for an effective, do-anywhere, mind body solution. I want to prove to you that Mindfulness + Meditation = Meaningful Change.

Testimonials for Yoga for Weight Loss

 “Abby has a very relaxing and calming voice with soft music playing in the background to create an environment of peace, serenity, and stillness in today’s world of chaos.” Gayle Kartchner

 “I loved the Yoga Traveler’s online Beginning Yoga Series! Her classes were easy to follow and helped me re-learn the foundational movements and concepts of beginning yoga with more attention to detail. Her energy, skill, and knowledge is apparent through her voice and positional cues.  I love the calm and serenity that I was able to claim during these sessions!” Carolyn Southerns

 “Thanks, Abby, for making your classes available online!  I am grateful for your monthly membership. You have the perfect peaceful voice.” Mari-Ann Allen

 “I love Abby’s classes because I feel like I have a permission to be okay with being far from perfect. Yes, I want to be able to do poses like her someday and I know it’s going to take very long time, but I’m still feeling inner peace.” Masako Roberts

For a few hours a week, you will gain knowledge about your body through gentle yoga, insight into your motivation behind eating, and meditations to calm your mind.  You will be encouraged to make LASTING lifestyle changes through instruction and simple weekly assignments.  The lasting change will be invaluable.  It you do not experience this change; I will give you your money back!

 Experience Mindfulness + Meditation = Meaningful Change for $349.95 (Valued at $840!!!)

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