Ashtanga for Dummies: 7 Ways to Thrive and Feel Strong

Ashtanga for Dummies

Ashtanga for Dummies

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Ashtanga for Dummies- did I just insult your intelligence? No, silly!  I just want to level with you. What is Ashtanga yoga? Have you even heard of it? Do you know how to say it? Do you know what it means? Does the word sound a little mystic and maybe a bit scary?

This is my comprehensive guide to the Ashtanga Yoga Short Primary Series where I take all the mystery out of this beautiful sequence.

Ashtanga for Dummies- Just Ashtanga!

What is Ashtanga Yoga?  It’s a powerful yoga practice which relies heavily on breath work and vinyasa (flow.) It was designed in India for people who may be more flexible than you, but I believe that even “dummies” can benefit from the sequence.  My belief is that we can modify any pose to make it accessible to each yogi.

Ashtanga for Dummies

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Since 2013, I have been guiding people who feel like beginners through the Ashtanga Short Primary sequence. I’m inviting you to experience it’s transformative effects: Approach + Application = Ashtanga

Ashtanga for Dummies is a five-week program that I am personally going to lead you through.  I’m teaching you all my tricks so that by the end you’ll have learned the way that you can adapt this sequence to YOUR body. I promise, you will feel STRONG!  By the time you finish the 40 days of Ashtanga for Dummies, you will have mastered my Signature Method: Approach + Application = Ashtanga

Surya Namaskara Mastery

What You will Gain with Ashtanga for Dummies

  • An understanding of the science of the sequence- how one pose prepares the body for the next APPROACH
  • An understanding of the Sanskrit terms- the universal yoga language APPLICATION
  • A knowledge of the benefits of each yoga pose- their energetic and restorative properties APPLICATION
  • A strong foundation in Classical Yoga Technique APPROACH
  • Knowledge of how to modify poses to benefit your body APPROACH
  • Strength and muscle tone from an energetic yoga practice ASHTANGA
  • New found flexibility ASHTANGA

With Ashtanga for Dummies You Get:

  • Two pre-recorded yoga sessions for all four pieces of the Ashtanga Short Primary Series- one with modifications to help you learn how to approach the asanas (poses) for YOUR body, and one to follow along in time with breath- $250 Value!
  • Access to Monthly Live yoga sessions on Yoga Traveler for 40 days- $50 value
  • A video tutorial about yoga breathing- $10 Value
  • A video tutorial on tricky transitions within the sequence- $10 Value
  • 2 PDF’s of the Ashtanga Short Primary Sequence for your reference- $10 Value
  • 15 CEU’s for Yoga Alliance registered teachers- $100 Value
  • Private FaceBook Group for practice tips, motivation, and encouragement- Invaluable!!

And TONS of Bonuses!!!

  • Extra Yoga sessions- Ashtanga for Beginners, Yoga Strong, Core Workshop- $60 Value
  • Tips, Tricks, and Trade Secrets Posts- $100 Value
  • Eight Limbs of Yoga PDF’s- $20 Value
  • 4 Tutorials- Transitions, Yoga Props, Modifying Seated Postures, Modifying Standing Postures- $40 Value

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What Others Are Saying About Yoga Traveler

“I enjoyed the program and I think Abby is a great and accessible teacher.  I learned the whole series and learned how to modify certain poses.  The weekly modification videos were the best part.  I knew many of the poses but I enjoyed Abby’s offerings of modifications and the clear instructions.” Kerry Walker

“This yoga class seemed the perfect first step to building back a more healthy daily routine. This beginning program is the perfect starting point for anyone wanting to try out yoga for the first time or for someone that has taken a long break from yoga.  The class is very good at explaining poses and giving modifications but also adds challenging poses for those who are ready to try a little more.  I loved the variety of each of the 6 sessions. Abby is a fantastic teacher and has left me wanting more.” Jill Bodily

 “I love Abby’s classes because I feel like I have a permission to be okay with being far from perfect. Yes, I want to be able to do poses like her someday and I know it’s going to take very long time but I’m still feeling inner peace.” Masako Roberts

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Get my Tips for surviving Ashtanga for Dummies! 8 Tips to Thrive with Ashtanga Yoga.

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