The Sound of Om- 3 Sounds to Vibrate All Life

Sound of Om

The Sound of Om

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The Sound of Om.  Om is the most powerful primordial sound, or mantra, from which the universe began.  It is the essence of your true nature.  When we chant Om with devotion, we summon the transformative powers leading to enlightenment. When we chant Om, we bring peace, harmony, and centeredness.  We are getting in tune with the divine self within.

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The Sound of Om- Breakdown

Phoenetically, Om is spelled A-U-M.  In Sanskrit, the A and U come together to form the O.  All three together represent the life cycle and the full range of the sound.

Ah is like the sound we make when we discover something new, a good idea.  This represents creation.  The U or Ooo sound travels through the mouth.  When we come up with a great idea we say, “Oooo.”  The Mm sound represents finish.  The lips come together to finish the sound.  When we finish eating something delicious we say “Mmmm.”

The sound of om can be understood both by speaking and feelings.  Om can be heard and felt by all, regardless of language barriers.  The physical vibration of Om is heard by all and the sound is felt once the Om stops.

Sound of Om Practice

Sit in a chair or on the floor.  Place hands on knees and close the eyes.  Take a few deep breaths.  Inhale and say “Aah” for as long as you can without straining the voice.  Feel the vibration in the neck and spine.  Exhale and chant “Ooo”, feeling it in the mouth.  Bring the lips together and say “Mmm,” feeling it vibrate in the crown of the head.  Take a deep breath and chant “Oooomm” for as long as you can without straining.  Repeat chanting the sound of om 10 more times.

Practice Credit to The Yoga Mind (paid link) by Rina Jakubowicz

Also, try some singing bowls (paid link)!  They will help you hear and FEEL the sound of Ooom.

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