Capture Spring with Yoga- Rejuvenate Your Energy

Capture Spring with Yoga

Capture Spring with Yoga

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Capture Spring with Yoga.  Spring is a time of rejuvenation and energy and we can find this energy through yoga and essential oils.  Yoga and Essential Oils can be combined together for some strong emotional and physical benefits. We can capture spring with yoga poses paired with essential oils.

When we apply essential oils to skin, diffuse them, or drink them, we are taking the plants natural defense system for our own benefit. Aromatically, essential oils can directly affect the airways. It can affect our moods and emotions, and the aroma can purify the air. When used topically, essential oils can be applied directly to a specific area. When oils are ingested, they can directly support the digestive system and our immune system.

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How to Capture Spring with Yoga Practice

Let’s have a rejuvenation of energy experience with yoga and oils experience today!  Place a few drops of Peppermint oil (paid link) on the top of your mat to help open the airways for breath.  Take a sip of water with a few drops of Lime oil (paid link) to support digestion and immunity.  It will bring balance between the heart and mind.  Place Cedar Wood on your third eye to promote circulation, remove toxins, and encourage grounding and focus.

Move into Balasana and place Rosemary oil (paid link) on the kidneys.  Rosemary stimulates memory recall and aids in time of transition.

Muladhara Chakra and Yoga

Then continue with poses that stimulate digestion like seated twists, and standing twists.  Forward folds will stimulate digestion by folding through the center.  Stimulating poses like standing splits will energize the mind while inverted, and deep stretching poses will encourage release of toxins in the body.

Capture Spring with Yoga
Twisting Standing Asanas for Digestion

Place Geranium oil (paid link) on the arches of the feet.  This will energize and is known as an emotionally healing oil.  Enjoy supine poses like supta utthita padangustasana and supine thread the needle.  These poses will continue to stretch the hamstrings while supporting the back.

Yoga with a strap

End in savasana with Wild Orange oil (paid link) across the brow and the back of the neck.  This will support digestion and uplift the mind and body.

“Just as the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.”

Try this sequence to capture spring with yoga!

Capture Spring with Yoga

Have your own Yoga and Essential Oil Experience at home!

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