Yoga with a Strap- 5 Ways to Ease the Back and Shoulders

Yoga with a strap

Yoga with a Strap

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Yoga with a strap can mean yoga becomes accessible.  When we start with yoga, we need tools that can help us adapt yoga poses.  A yoga strap can help us gain flexibility as we stretch, find alignment in postures, and give us support in balances.

10 Ways to Yoga with a Strap

  1. Open the shoulders by holding the strap.  Stretch arms, shoulders, chest, and sides of the body by leaning side to side with a strap.
Yoga with a strap

2. Stretch deeper in seated forward bends.  What if we cannot reach our feet in seated forward bends?  We simply wrap a strap around the feet!  Strap will allow us to put the right amount of pressure on our hamstrings.  All seated  forward folds can benefit from a yoga strap.

Yoga with a strap

3. Bound Supta Baddha Konasana pose is excellent for stretching the inner thighs and hips. Make a loop from the strap, and place it around your sacrum and underneath the feet. The tighter the strap, the closer your legs will be to your body. You can also lay down on your back while allowing your hips to open.

Yoga with a strap

4. Reclining leg stretch is of my favorite poses.  For many reasons, it is hard for most people to reach their toes with their hand.  Sometimes the ratio of leg to torso to arm is not compatible.  Sometimes the hamstrings are too tight and this causes the knee to buckle and lose the stretch.  I love that when we pull our leg toward the chest, it lengthens the back as the small of back is pressed to the floor.  Not only are we stretching hamstrings, opening hips and inner thigh, we are easing back pain.

Yoga with a strap

5. Standing Balances can be adapted for yoga with a strap.  King Dancer’s pose can be adapted by reaching both hands back for the strap wrapped around the foot.  This will open the shoulders and back.  Utthita Hasta Padangustasana can be a better hamstring stretch when we place the strap around the toe and balance.

Yoga with a strap

Try this yoga with a strap sequence.  It highlights many of the tips listed above!

Props for Practice

Props + Practice = Possibilities

This program will help you get exposure and practice with yoga props- Blocks, Straps, Bolsters, Chairs, and the Wall.  Yoga poses can be adapted for all Abilities  and for all Life Conditions.  Feel the possibility of PROPS today!

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