Top 10 Tips for Mindful Weight Loss- The Power of Meditation

Tips for Mindful Weight Loss

Top 10 Tips for Mindful Weight Loss

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Want some tips for mindful weight loss?  Here is my Top 10 Tips for Mindful Weight Loss.  With the practice of meditation and mindfulness tips, you have an amazing partnership.

Tips for Mindful Weight Loss

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10 Tips for Mindful Weight Loss Explained

  • Accountability Partner-  It is so much easier to lose weight if you have a partner in crime.  Someone whom you can report to when you are feeling weak, someone who will cheer you on when you have success.  Don’t do this alone!
  • Make attainable goals- Don’t make the goal to only eat 500 calories a day.  You are sure to fail.  Make goals that have real, reachable steps.  You want to make change, yes, but do it reasonably.
Tips for Mindful Weight Loss
Tips for mindful weigh loss- Make attainable goals to help you stay focused and motivated.
  • Eat without distractions- Put your phone down!  Stop scrolling and take the time to smell your food, look at your food, think of those that prepared the food for you.  Appreciate the experience with your food. You will start to pick up on cues like when you are full.
  • Measure food portions- Get yourself a food scale (paid link) and measure your portions as you make your food.  Most of the time we eat more than we need so if we start being mindful about our food portions, we will begin to loose weight.
  • Meditate three times a week- Meditation has the power to change our mind.  Meditation helps us slow our breath, sit quietly, and learn why we chose to eat the things we do.  It will help us discover why we skip breakfast every morning, why we crave certain foods at different times of the day and our subconscious blocks that keep you from making lasting change. I use the Calm app.  This is one of the most powerful tips for mindful weight loss.
Yogi who is bad at meditating
  • Positive Affirmations- Change your mind with positive affirmations.  Instead of beating yourself up for eating three donuts, tell yourself that you are strong and you can do better tomorrow!  Tell yourself a positive affirmation daily to change your negative self talk.
  • Log what you eat- Logging or journaling what you eat helps you to see what you are really consuming.  It will help with portion size as well as the grazing between meals.  It will help you to see what times of the day your body get stressed, tired, or bored, and help you to make positive food choices to balance these mental shifts. I use MyNetDiary.
  • Understand your why- Why did you reach for that donut?  Are you bored? Are you mindless eating because of distractions?  Do you need more water?  Or are you just indulging because?  All of these things are real and you should not blame yourself for them.  There is power in understanding WHY.  The WHY will help lead you to lasting change.
  • No judgement- This goes back to #8.  Don’t judge yourself for eating three donuts!  Tell your accountability partner (#1) that you need a little extra help, meditate, say a few positive affirmations, and do better tomorrow. And don’t judge others either! Let’s all champion each other.
  • Enjoy what you eat- Don’t fill your fridge with kale just because you know it is a power food, if you hate kale!  Fill your fridge with things you love to eat.  Healthy things though, right?  I enjoy a macros diet. It makes my body feel good.  Slow down as you eat, figure out what you enjoy eating, and stock your kitchen! This is my personal fav of the tips for mindful weight loss!

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I wish you the best of luck as you follow these tips for mindful weight loss.  Try my Yoga for Weight Loss program!  It combines yoga, meditation, and mindfulness to lead to lasting change.

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