Yoga Sequencing and the Enneagram- 9 Traits to Embrace

Yoga Sequencing and the Enneagram

Yoga Sequencing and the Enneagram

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Yoga Sequencing and the Enneagram can help you balance traits in your personality.  Take this quiz to help you determine what Enneagram numbers are dominant in your personality so that you can create yoga for balance!

Yoga Sequencing and the Enneagram Quiz

Yoga Sequencing and the Enneagram

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Yoga Sequencing and the Enneagram Points

Let’s pair some yoga sequencing and the enneagram to find balance for our personality traits.

Head Points

The head points sit at the top of the circle- 1, 8, and 9.  Their core motivations are ruled by the head.

1- The Perfectionists- 1’s are the Perfectionists and seek to improve everything around them, including themselves.  Possessing a strong sense of right and wrong, 1’s tend to be physically tight and feel anxiety easily. Bring in some playfulness to your yoga practice.  With tendencies toward perfection, silliness and messiness is great for loosening up.

8-The Protectors- 8’s are the Protectors and are often boisterous and courageous. Others may find them intimidating but 8’s exterior protects a vulnerable, sensitive inner self. Integrate softness and gentle flows into your practice. Add deeper poses that are more yin or restorative.

9- The Peacemakers- 9’s are the Peacemakers and typically have little awareness of anger or try to avoid it, and struggle to express displeasure.  People of this type value feeling comfortable, melding into their environments or relationships with others in attempts to go with the flow.  If this sounds like you, cultivate qualities of strength and depth, focus energy and center, and find hidden emotions with hip openers.

Yoga sequencing and the enneagram can help Head points get out of the heads and start noticing the rest of the world around them.

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Heart Points

The heart points sit on the right side of the circle- 2, 3, and 4.  Their core motivations are ruled by the heart.

2- The Helpers- 2s are the Helpers.  This type expresses emotion easily and get satisfaction out of anticipating other’s needs.  They can be cheery and energetic, seeking connection through pleasing others with a blind spot for their own needs.  When their own needs aren’t met, they can be resentful and angry.  2s can benefit from core-based practices to gain a better sense of their inner strength.  Twists help access power and give a better sense of self.

Manipura Chakra and Yoga

3-The Achievers- 3s are the Achievers.  This success-driven type is concerned with portraying a capable, dazzling image to the world.  They seek connection to other through accomplishments, personal and professional.  They fear being judged by others, though this fear can motivate them to reform setbacks as part of their personal growth. 3s can live in their heads, cut off from their emotions.  Chest opening postures access their heart centers and twisting challenges the heart to open.

Anahata Chakra and Yoga

4-The Individualists- 4s are the Individualists and see love through deep emotional connections, and experiencing pain or sadness connects them to insecurities around being unloved and misunderstood.  Artistic and expressive, 4s radiate beauty and melancholy.  Their intense inner world can cut them off from others as their own personal tragedies often become their identities. 4s can benefit from getting out of their deep emotional and into the world.  You should practice yoga in a class or group and should keep a strong focused drishti. Flow classes, partner, and acro yoga are good for this type.

Yoga Sequencing and the enneagram can help heart points take courage and find balance with giving and receiving.

Gut Points

The gut points sit on the left side of the circle- 5, 6, and 7.  Their core motivations are ruled by the gut.

5-The Observer- 5 is the Observer.  Pulled back and withdrawn from the world, 5s are often scholarly.  They avoid intense interactions with others as they’re easily emotionally drained.  They often feel week as if they need to protect themselves from a hostile world.  5’s can benefit from poses that connect them to the present moment and lead them to accept external world. Because 5’s may feel physically weaker, doing more vigorous sun salutations and core strengthening can help them access, cultivate, and maintain strength.

6-The Loyalist- 6 is the Loyalist. 6’s want to feel safe but easily mistrust authority.  They process information quickly, turning it into plans. They quickness of their minds is often expressed in their body and speech- they can be jittery and talk fast or stutter. They will either avoid situations that cause them fear, or seek out excitement and adrenalin. 6’s need grounding poses and meditation in their yoga practice.

7-The Enthusiast- 7 is the Enthusiast.  These adventure seekers fear missing out on great experiences, and are always searching for the next big thing.  Energetic, charming, and enthusiastic, they can seem enlightened and joyful but when they’re not fully entertained, they’ll focus on planning the next adventure rather than being in the moment.  7’s love being playful but struggle to stay with things when the going gets tough.  Slowing down and staying with deeper poses after some faster moving poses is suggested for yoga practice.

Yoga Sequencing and the Enneagram

Yoga sequencing and the enneagram can help gut points stay grounded and think clearly. Yoga Sequencing and the Enneagram can be a powerful tool for balancing and focusing our strengths while lifting our weaknesses.

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