Macros Meal Prep for Spring- 5 Recipes for Yummy Tummy!

Macros Recipes for the Spring Seaon

Macros Meal Prep for Spring

How do you prep your meals?  How about macros meal prep for Spring? I am hypoglycemic and macros meal prep for spring makes my body feel good! Macros is a short term for macronutrients, the three categories of nutrients that we eat the most and fill our bodies with energy- fats, carbohydrates, and protein.

I started the Macros way of preparing my food with recipes from Clean Simple Eats. I have been doing it for so long that now I adjust my favorite recipes from my childhood into macros too. It is simple to create a balance with the app MyNetDiary.

I like lots of variety in my diet so I plan my recipes seasonally. I try to use fruits and vegetables that are in season to save a little in our budget. I am never home to cook when we actually need to eat so my husband and I do all our meal prep in the evenings. We prep two-three days at a time and eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with two snacks throughout the day. Each meal is around 350 calories, divided into macros. I am not a fancy cook, so I pick recipes that are quick and taste good! Macros meal prep for Spring works for me!


5 Macros Meal Prep for Spring Recipes

Here is a sample of a day in my Spring Season:

Breakfast– I love Breakfast shakes.  I often start off my daily yoga routine with a breakfast shake.Macros Meal Prep for Spring


Lunch, lunch to munch!Macros Meal Prep for Spring


What is better than dinner in the fridge after a busy day of yoga? My kids, especially, love this recipe because everyone gets to make it their way.Macros Meal Prep for Spring

Macros Meal Prep for Spring- Snacks

I plan two snacks a day in between my meals.  This means that I eat every three hours- just like a toddler.  But it makes me feel good!Macros Meal Prep for SpringTry these protein balls for a crash stash!  They make a bunch at one time and are easily portable for the woman on the go!Macros Meal Prep for SpringReady to embrace a healthy lifestyle?  Get my Top 10 Tips for Mindful Weight Loss!

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