What to Put in a Yoga Bag for Beginners

What to Put in a Yoga Bag for Beginners

What to Put in a Yoga Bag for Beginners

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It is your first time going to a yoga class.  What do you bring?  What to put in a yoga bag for beginners?

Do you know that I did not bring anything to my first yoga class? I actually refused to use a mat at all. I was convinced that I would not like yoga so I did not want to invest anything into it. I quickly learned that I LOVED yoga and that I would need a mat and a bag to go with it. I learned what to put in a yoga bag for beginners.

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What to Put in a Yoga Bag for Beginners

What to Put in a Yoga Bag for Beginners- 5 Essentials

Most yogi’s like to have a minimalistic practice, but there are some essentials that are needed and a big yoga bag (paid link) will help you to carry it all together.

  1. Quality Yoga Mat of course!  My favorite brand is Manduka (paid link) .  Many like LuLulemon.  My next go to is Hugger Mugger (paid link).  All these mats offer sticky surfaces so you will not slide when you start to feel the heat.  They are thicker to provide support for knees and back, and they are heavy enough to lay flat when rolled out.
  2. Yoga Accessories- Yoga block (paid link), two if you can hold that many!  Blocks are good for bringing the ground closer to you in standing asanas and core integration in floor work.  Straps help you gain flexibility in tight legs and muscles.
  3. Yoga mat cleaner and towel (paid link)- In these COVID times, it is always a good idea to clean your mat!  Your hands have been touching it for an hour, need I say more?  And the towel will help you when you start getting warm.  Especially if you practice hot yoga, a towel is essential.
  4. Water bottle (paid link)- Drinking water after practicing yoga will help you flush your body of toxins that you twisted out during practice.  It can also help you avoid some muscle soreness in the days to come.
  5. GoodWipes (paid link)- You need to freshen up after yoga because you are probably still on the go.  I don’t just mean fixing the pony tail and reapplying deodorant.  Lingering sweat on the skin can clog the pores and cause breakouts and rashes.  GoodWipes will clean the skin and leave you with a fresh scent.
What to put in a yoga bag for beginners

What to put in a yoga bag for beginners?  Here are a few more great things if you have the space.

  • Wet bag (paid link) for your wet clothes.  The bag can just be thrown in the washer when you get home.
  • Skidless mat towel.  Even the best sticky mats can get slippery in a hot yoga class.  Don’t get a new mat, just use the Yogitoes skidless mat towel (paid link) to wipe it down or place under your hands and keep practicing.
  • Sandal- Most yoga studios will ask you to take your shoes off before you enter the studio space.  Why not make it easy with slip on slip off shoes? I personally love yoga mat sandals (paid link).  Then I feel like I have never left my mat when the practice is over!
Yoga Bag for Beginners

Now you know what to put in a yoga bag for beginners.  You just need a yoga practice to go with it! Try out my Yoga for Beginners program!

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