Yoga to Relax Your Body- 2 Underlying Needs Yoga Can Fix

Yoga to Relax Your Body

Yoga to Relax Your Body

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The need for yoga to relax your body is stronger than it has ever been. Stress and anxiety are all around us. We have crime, disease, marital issues, change in job situation, change in health, you name it. It can all cause stress and anxiety and you need yoga to relax your body.

When we are stressed, we can have problems with sleeping, irritability, and anger responses.  And the age of stressed out individuals is getting younger.  Many report stress induced headaches as well.  How do we cope with this stress?  Some surf the internet, some overeat, some smoke to reduce stress.  These solutions are short lived and end up causing more stress and anxiety. I would rather you do yoga to relax your body.

The Need for Yoga to Relax Your Body

In 2010, the Pharmaceutical companies sold $10 billion in antidepressant medications which is twice the amount of money spent on yoga in that same year.  Prescription drugs are very important for those needing emotional and mental balance.  But we can also find a wholesome and sustainable solution through yoga, a mind body practice.

How do we know we are getting a stress-reducing yoga practice?  In the traditional yogic perspective, tendencies toward anxiety and depression are symptoms of an underlying imbalance.  We have two states of imbalance: rajasic (restless and anxious) and tamasic (lethargic or depressed.)

Yoga for Underlying Imbalance

If you feel restless and anxious, rajasic, find a yoga practice that includes long holds in forward bends, a long savasana, calming forms of pramayama, breathing practices, and meditation practices with the eyes closed to slow the rhythms of thought.

If you have feelings of lethargy or depression, tamasic, you should look for a vigorous, flowing asana with sustained back bends and twists.  Meditation should be done with the eyes open to focus on a clear drishti and the mindfulness of being fully awake.

Yoga to Relax your Body- Rejuvenate and Restore

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