3 Moods to Shift with Yoga Oils and Emotional Release

yoga oils and emotional relief

Yoga Oils and Emotional Release

Yoga oils and emotional release can help us move from lethargy, anger, anxiety, and stress. When we harness the powers of essential oils, we take the plants natural immune system into our own bodies. We can breathe in the oils for respiratory relief, place them on our skin for physical relief, and drink them from digestive relief. The oils also have strong emotional connections. Scent can change our mood and take away some stressors. Pair the oils with the power of yoga breathing and asana, we have yoga oils for emotional release.

Yoga Oils and Emotional Release for Lethargy and Depression

Everyone has been tired at times. We like to sleep in a little bit longer on Monday mornings. Sometimes we feel sluggish and lack motivation. Feelings of lethargy can be brought about by too much physical activity or too little. It can be lack of sleep, physical, or mental illness. If you have a clinical diagnosis of depression, it is advised to follow the treatment of a medical professional. Yoga practice and essential oils can be used as a tool to change the mood and shift the emotions.

What oils and what yoga poses can help us move out of lethargy and depression?

Frankincense (paid link) improves concentration and enhances mediation. When we are in tune to the world around us and have control of our monkey mind, we may counteract mental fatigue. Jasmine (paid link) promotes powerful, inspirational relationships and helps increase the intuitive powers of wisdom. Being in meaningful relationships with others can help us understand the power of connections.

Body Warming Yoga Sequences
Yoga asana sequences like Dancing Warrior can help our body feel fluid and strong and counterbalance feelings of lethargy.
Opening the Heart with Yoga
Ustrasana is a powerful pose that opens the chest and heart. Opening the heart can feel vulnerable but is so freeing when we are able to embrace relationships.

Yoga Oils and Emotional Release for Anxiety and Stress

When we are anxious and stressed, we might feel like we can’t breathe. Our chest tightens, our heart races, our body starts shaking. Anxiety makes the muscles in our body tense and tighten and hold in cortisol which leads to muscle aches. Properties in essential oils can help with muscle relief. Yoga breathing calms our parasympathetic nervous system and stretching lengthens tight muscles to release cortisol.

Try placing DoTerra Breathe blend (paid link) on the back of the neck. This will improve concentration, promotes calm, and helps to reduce anxiety and stress. It also fosters feelings of love and acceptance. Wild Orange oil (paid link) placed on the feet will promote happy feelings. It will relieve nervous energy by uplifting, refreshing, and releasing tension. Yoga oils and emotional release are always uplifted when using citrus.

yoga oils and emotional relief
Trikonasana is an amazing pose that allows us to reach down while equally reaching up. We can feel our chest stretching and opening as we lengthen with each breath.
Yoga Sequencing and the Enneagram
Deep forward folds like Paschimottonasana and Janu Sirsasana A stretch tight muscles that hold stress. Release the tension in the hips, hamstrings, and back.

Yoga Oils and Emotional Release for Anger and Rage

Feeling anger- I tell my kids many times in a day that feeling anger is not bad, but what we choose to do with that anger defines us. Rage is feeling anger which is out of control. We crave returning to control and calm once again. Yoga is slow movement connected with breath. Slowing down allows our body and mind to process what we are feeling and return to a sense of control. Yoga oils and emotional release can be tools to lead our emotions back into control.

Marjoram Oil (paid link) promotes peace, calms the nervous system, and soothes emotions of anger. Place the oil on your neck for muscle relief and calm. Ylang Ylang (paid link) is uplifting to the subconscious, calms feelings of anger, is relaxing, and enhances relationships. Place the oil on the heart.

Yoga Oils and Emotional Release
Vrkasana is a balancing pose. Balancing poses force us to focus, remind us that we must breathe, and help us to find focus.
Anahata Chakra and Yoga
Bridge pose (setu bandhasana) helps us to open the heart while building strength in the back body. Increase your breath capacity while rolling the shoulders back and opening the chest.

Yoga oils and emotional release: use the powerful tools of yoga, breathing, and essential oils to shift the emotions of lethargy, anxiety, and anger.

Mindfulness helps you go home to the present. And every time you go there and recognize a condition of happiness that you have, happiness comes.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

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