Celestial Yoga- 4 Ways to Honor the Energy in the Sky

Celestial Yoga

Yoga has a way of connecting us to something greater. Celestial Yoga can connect us to mother earth as we follow the path of the sun and abide by the phases of the moon.

Celestial Yoga- The Phases of the Moon

The moon waxes and wanes all through the month. During the time of a Full Moon and a New Moon, we can learn a bit about renewal and release.

New Moon Yoga

With each new moon, we get a restart. We can feel new energy, make a new wish, and set a new intention for the month. Our yoga practice should reflect these feelings of renewal. We should spend some time in meditation and reflection as we come up with new goals for the month.

  1. Prep for a renewal practice with a standing back bend to lift your face to the sky. Follow it with forward folds and twists to renew your digestive system.
  2. Asana practice- Take a low lunge (anjanyasana) with arms extended to the sky. Open your hips with asansa like Goddess pose, Puppy dog, and child pose to feel your creativity release as you seek for a renewal of goals.
  3. Cool down with cat and cow to open your face to the sky. Open the heart and throat with bridge poses and uttana padasana (fish pose) to be open to the possibilities of the month ahead.
Celestial Yoga- New Moon

Full Moon Yoga

With the Full Moon, we enter in a time of release. It is time to forgive, others and ourselves, and let go of negative thoughts and emotions. Holding onto negative emotions both blocks our body’s energy and takes up space needed for new growth. Our yoga practice should move slowly, we should linger in the poses. We should wait for when it feels “right”, or just what is needed in the moment.

Celestial Yoga- Full Moon Yoga
  1. Prep for a releasing celestial yoga practice with child’s pose and cat and cow. These poses will release tight hips where we often hold pent up emotions.
  2. Asana Practice- Create a balance between opening asanas like Goddess pose, Crescent pose, and Warrior II, with folding poses like Uttanasana and Humble Warrior. This will give your body and mind balance between release as you open the heart and renewal as you fold into your center. Trikonasana should not be ignored. Our arms reach equally to the sky and the earth!
  3. Cool your practice with Prasarita Padottonasa, hero pose, and reclining twists. These poses will allow for introspection.

“Aim for the moon, if you miss, you may hit a star.”

W. Clement Stone

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Sunrise Yoga

Yogic tradition is to practice at Sunrise. This celestial yoga practice will prepare the body for the day. Morning practices should move and energize. We can pay respect for the sun, giving thanks for a new day and new opportunities.

  1. Prepare for your yoga practice with Sun Salutations. What else, right?
  2. Asana practices should be stimulating to build your energy for the day. Try balancing poses like Bakasana (crow) and Dancer pose. Get grounded and connected with the earth with Goddess pose.
  3. Cool your celestial yoga practice with deep stretches like pigeon pose and energizing twists like Ardha Matsyendrasana (half lord of the fishes.)

“With a new day, comes strength and new thought.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

Sunset Yoga

Yoga at sunset prepares the body for sleep and helps us to let go of the stresses and strains of the day. We prepare to slow down and tune inside. Our yoga practice should linger in poses. We should be ready to adapt each pose to the body until it “feels” right. We should find that steady and comfortable place and come deeply into the breath.

  1. Prep your celestial yoga sunset practice in sukhasana to deeply connect to the breath. Roll the shoulders, hips, and neck to release tension of the day.
  2. Asana poses can include moon salutations and half moon pose to honor the coming night.
  3. Cool your practice with seated forward folds and seated twists. Release metabolism and circulation with legs up against the wall.
Celestial Yoga- Sunset Yoga

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