Arm Support Yoga Poses- Strengthen Wrists and Shoulders!

Arm Support Yoga Poses

Arm Support Yoga Poses

When we balance our entire body on the hands, it requires focus, strength, and control. Arm support yoga poses are freeing and energizing. Arm support yoga poses bring us closer to the logical fear of falling and this is linked to our ego and the desire of being in control. The irony is that we are trying to loose the ego when we practice yoga. This is why practicing arm support yoga poses bring us a balance between self-confidence and humility. We can also begin to feel a bit of humor and playfulness in our practice because the poses are so challenging. The more we practice, the more we will find these poses attainable.

Here is a little humor as I try to sequence Mayurasana!

Arm Support Yoga Poses
Lucky shot!

How to Care for Wrists in Arm Support Yoga Poses

The wrists are at greatest risk in all arm support yoga poses as the weight of body is held on the forearms, hands, and wrists. Be cautious if you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome and learn to modify the arm balances. You can use a wedge to help prop up wrists until you are free of pain. Try rolling the wrists through a full range of motion, place of back of the wrists on the floor in forward folds, press palms and finger together in prayer motion, or stretch one hand with the other. This will help to prepare your wrists for the pressure of arm balances.

Students should always place hands on the floor with fingers fully extended and knuckles on the flat on the floor and be mindful of alignment- wrists, elbows, and shoulders. Along with wrist support, we should know how to fire up the core in preparation for arm support yoga poses. Abdominal work can help you feel the sense of lifting and radiating out of the core.

Tips for Practicing Arm Support Yoga Poses

  • Practice Adho Muhka Savasana (down dog), Phalankasana (plank), and chaturanga for at least one year to strengthen the wrists, arms, and shoulders so that the body is prepared for bringing more weight onto the hands.
  • Don’t rush through arm balances. Learn them step by step and take your time to open and warm the muscles needed to achieve the poses.
Arm Support Yoga Poses- Eka Pada Koundinyasana A
Follow along with me- step by step Eka Pada Koundinyasana A
  • Want to start with an Arm Support Yoga Pose but don’t know what one to start with? Try Bakasana (crow pose) or Vasistasana (side plank)!
  • Arm Balances warm the body and are good preparation for back bends. The arm balances often warm and strengthen the shoulders that are needed for later back bends.
  • Don’t be afraid to utilize props to learn how to lift. See this tutorial about Tolasana (scale pose).

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