Yoga Nidra for Grief in Deployment- 15 min of Blissful Sleep

Yoga Nidra for Grief in Deployment

Yoga Nidra for Grief in Deployment

Need a good cry? Let’s get our tears out with a Yoga Nidra for Grief in Deployment. During our deployment, I was listening to Josh Groban’s “I’ll Be Home for Christmas.”  He has a beautiful version of the song with heartbreaking audio from deployed military members.  All of the sudden, water works.  I have listened to this song for years, but this year, it had a greater meaning for me and my family and I felt grief. 

How can we use yoga nidra for grief in deployment and find some peace? In 2020, our lives have been disrupted by COVID-19. We have felt loss and heartache, injustice, and tremendous grief.  My family has been dealing with our first deployment on top of this and I have felt that what I do in this time matters.  I need to be alert to everything that arises and that includes my grief.  

Yoga Nidra for Grief in Deployment- Yogic Sleep

Yoga Nidra for grief in deployment can help us take the heaviness we feel and turn it into grounding, a connection to the earth that holds us and supports us. Yoga Nidra for grief in deployment allows us to stay awake and aware while we move through stages of consciousness and the transitions between them. We move through four stages- deep belly breathing, systematic relaxation of the body, visualization, and resting in spacious awareness. This is in efforts to reach a place between sleeping and wakefulness. This will feel restful and offers an entrance to the heart center. We can think of it as waking up to life.

Yoga Nidra for Deployment- Deep Belly Breathing
Deep Belly Breathing

 When we are grieving, we need support. Yoga Nidra for grief in deployment offers a chance to practice deep relaxation and presence while being supported.  

Yoga Sutra 1:36 describes a state of sorrow less joy that resides at the heart, a place free of grief and suffering illuminated by an eternal radiant light unaffected by conditions.  It is here we can rest when we’re experiencing grief.  If we can find this inner place, we recognize that are experiencing grief, but we know that joy is also present.

Yoga Nidra for Deployment- Heart

Yoga Nidra Guided Practice

Please join me for a guided Yoga Nidra for grief in Deployment practice Credits to Yoga Journal:

Yoga Nidra For Grief in Deployment

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