Top 10 Tips for Yoga Newbies- Start Transformative Practice

Top 10 Tips for Yoga Newbies

Top 10 Tips for Yoga Newbies

Are you new to yoga? Not sure where to start? Try out this list- Top 10 Tips for Yoga Newbies. It will get you off to a great start!

Top 10 Tips for Yoga Newbies

  • 1. Purchase a yoga mat (paid link) , strap, and yoga blocks (paid link) . Yoga props makes learning possible. The strap adds extra inches as you are building flexibility and the blocks help you to reach down to the floor for steadiness in standing poses. I have a giveaway for the props. Go ahead and enter, what do you have to lose?
Yoga with a strap
  • 2. Find a good yoga teacher- look for a teacher with experience who knows how to modify poses. Some poses may need easing into for beginners.
How to Sequence and Ashtanga Style Class
  • 3. Learn how to breathe. Breath will warm your body from the inside out, keep your mind focused, keep your body calm, and help you to stretch deeper.
  • 4. Respect your body’s inner wisdom and limitations- Learning to breathe will be a key here. We learn to listen to the body so we don’t push too far too fast. Modifications in poses work well with this tip too. Good yoga does not involve ego!
  • 5. Don’t compare yourself to others. We all have different body types, genetics, structure. Some poses will come easy, some won’t. It is worthless to compare.
  • 6. Have a sense of humor- it is always good to laugh at ourselves when we try something new right? And laughter releases happy endorphins so win win!
Top 10 Tips for Yoga Newbies
Try a little “Happy Baby.” It’s always good for a laugh.
  • 7. Wear comfortable clothing that stays on- I don’t like to wear t-shirts while doing yoga. They always flop over the head while in down dog. I suggest Prana clothing– they are my favorite!
  • 8. Make practice frequent- We may think that we need to attend an hour or longer class. This is great, but sometimes it is better to do yoga every day for 15-20 min rather than once a week for an hour. For a beginner, this will keep the muscles warm and loose which can help you build that flexibility.
  • 9. Modify postures for your body- refer back to 1 and 2. Good props and a good teacher can help!
  • 10. Relax! (This is the best of the Top 10 Tips for Yoga Newbies- Trust me!) You should feel better after yoga than when you started. Do some great yoga and relax in savasana!

Try this morning routine to start your day the yoga way!  Enjoy the Top 10 Tips for Yoga Newbies each time you roll our your mat.

Want some more basics after the Top 10 Tips for Yoga Newbies? This transformative program will teach you how to adjust yoga to your body!

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