Yoga with a Bolster- 8 poses your Hips and Back will Love

Yoga with a Bolster

Yoga with a Bolster

Yoga with a bolster (paid link) is a wonderful way to rejuvenate and restore tight hips and back.  We can use the bolster to tilt the pelvis for hip and sacrum opening and we can ease the back with the support of the bolster.  Bolsters should not only be used by beginner yogi’s, but they can add another dimension to our regular yoga practice.  How hard is it to relax our body and slow down?  A bolster can help us to find the joy in supportive movement again! Bolsters (paid link) are also a great prop for prenatal yoga as they will support mom and baby.

8 Lovely Poses- Yoga with a Bolster

  1. Supported twist- This pose will stretch the outer edge of the hip and release pressure in the low back.  Enjoy the support of the bolster under the knee and make sure to twist both sides. Allow your body to let go as you relax into the bolster.

2. Upavista Konasana- This pose opens the hips and stretches the inner thigh and groin.  Lay your upper body weight on the bolster to deepen the stretch and ease into the hold. Remember to keep your toes to the sky for optimal inner thigh stimulation.

3. Supta Virasana- This pose stretches the psoas and quadriceps.  It opens the chest and stretches the back.  Place the bolster (paid link) up against the small of the back for support of the spine.  When you lay back, you will deepen the stretch through the front of the body and open the chest as the arms fall to the sides.

4. Supta baddha konasana- Place the bolster against the small of the back again and lay back.  Pull the feet up toward the hips.  The pelvis is angled down to open the hip flexors, inner thigh, and groin.  Supta baddha konasana is wonderful for tight hips and very supportive during pregnancy. This pose is so yummy, you will want to stay and stay!!

5. Legs up- Balance your hips and low back on the bolster (paid link) .  Extend the legs to the sky for stimulation of the metabolism and circulation.  The bolster will tilt the hips and pelvis to help people with tight hamstrings achieve a 90 degree angle. You should not feel any strain in the abdominals as you lift your legs. Try using a strap if you feel your abs straining.

6. Hips elevated on the bolster- This will release pressure on the back, hips, and sacrum.  Try doing a bridge pose from this position and resting on the bolster in between sets. Let the bolster take the strain as you allow the body to rest.

7. Lengthen the legs after a bridge poses.  This pose will stretch the front of the body, especially the psoas.  It will relieve tension in the sacrum. Notice how you retain the open sensation in the chest and front of the body.

8. End your practice in savasana with the bolster under the knees.  This will release pressure in the back and allow you to lay in comfort on the floor.  After these lovely poses- you will want to do yoga with a bolster every day!

Yoga with a Bolster Practice

Try this Restorative Yoga with a Bolster practice.  It demonstrates all of the poses above in a gentle yoga flow. Take deep breaths, enjoy the feelings of moving slowly and deeply.

Rejuvenate and Restore with Yoga

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