Essential Beginner Tools for Yoga- 8 You Can’t Live Without!

Essential Beginner Tools for Yoga

Essential Beginner Tools for Yoga

Are you starting a yoga practice? Want to know the essential beginner tools for yoga? I wish I had this list when I was starting yoga. I was convinced that I would not like yoga and I did not want to invest any money in it. I actually did yoga on the bare floor of the gym- no mat!! Can you believe that? How quickly I learned that I LOVED yoga, CRAVED yoga, and wanted to help spread yoga to the WORLD! So, here are my essential beginner tools for yoga.

7 Essential Beginner Tools for Yoga

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  • Yoga Mat- My favorite brand is Manduka. I have the Black Mat Pro (paid link) . It lays flat every time. It is non-slippery. It is thick for back support. I love it. 
  • Yoga block and strap set (paid link) – When starting out in yoga, you may need a few props to help you build flexibility. Blocks can be used for core integration and for reaching to the floor. Straps are used to reach for the toes in forward folds, again to build flexibility. These are essential beginner tools for yoga.
Yoga with a strap
  • Yoga mat bag- For on the go, a mat bag is essential. I like one with pockets for my mat cleaner, tissues, strap, sweat towel. If you get a Manduka mat, I suggest a Manduka bag (paid link)
  • Mexican Blanket (paid link) – I use the blanket for warmth during savasana, I travel with it to use in place of my heavy mat on the go, and I use it for support in gentle supine twists.
  • Bolster- I love the bolster (paid link) for meditation, support in seated stretching poses, particularly for hip openers, and comfort while laying on the ground. 
What to put in a yoga bag for beginners
  • Yoga clothes- Yoga cannot be done in just any type of clothing. My favorite brand is Prana. They are made of sustainable fabrics, are comfortable and functional. I will let them tell you great details about their clothes. Check out their website
  • Lighting- If you are doing yoga at home, I suggest some great lighting to get you in the calm vibe. I love Aukey Table Lamp lights (paid link) . They have three settings of soft white glow, as well as color fluctuation. 
  • Yoga Mat Cleaner Set (paid link) – A cleaner will keep your mat clean and you can throw it right in your mat bag.

That is a pretty comprehensive list to get you on your way with yoga. The tools will make all the difference to your success!

Essential Beginner Tools for Yoga

Get started the right way with yoga with my Top 10 List for Yoga Newbies.

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