Ashtanga Primary Series Closing- Powerful Back Bending Experience

Ashtanga Primary Series Closing Sequence

Ashtanga Primary Series Closing

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The Ashtanga Primary Series Closing Sequence- You have now arrived at the “bread of the sandwich.” This portion of the practice is primarily focused on back bending.

Ashtanga Primary Series Closing Sequence

When I do a back bend, I like to focus also on the forward lengthening of the poses. This way, I will find balance and not overtax my back. This lifting and lengthening is made possible through a strong focus on the hands and feet creating the base of the pose. We must find a solid grounding point for the hands and feet. If we do not utilize our legs, we take all the strain into the arms and lower back. The legs and feet must create a balance for the arms and hands.

Please note that I would add Urdhva Danurasana (wheel pose) and Paschimottanasana (forward bend) before the shoulder stand. Back bending poses are always countered by forward bends.  This brings us back to a neutral point.

This is a great book to outline the Ashtanga Primary Series Closing Sequence, Ashtanga Yoga: The Practice Manual (paid link)

Back bending asanas are a dynamc tool for keeping the spine supple and healthy. Since the spine houses the nervous system, when our spine is loose, we create clearer pathways for the nerve signals to travel the body. Omit poses that do not feel right and come back to them later. Find the joy of back bending! Rejoice in the opening of your heart!

What is your favorite back bend in the Ashtanga Primary Series closing sequence? Take a journey through the Ashtanga Sequence with Surya Namaskara and Ashtanga Primary Series.

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