10 Powerful Mantras for Gratitude Beginners

Mantras for Gratitude for Beginners

Mantras for Gratitude Beginners

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Let’s learn about Mantras. I have 10 mantras for gratitude beginners. A mantra is a sound, vibration, or word repeated to focus one’s mind on one point.  The purpose of the mantra is to connect to something higher, like having mantras for gratitude beginners.

Mantras were originally meant to be chanted in Sanskrit, making them more powerful because of their vibrational connections with the Divine.  Mantras make the mind calm as we focus on one phrase.  We could think of them as affirmations that serve to reprogram our thoughts.  It would be like telling ourselves, “I love me,” daily.  Maybe at some point, we would start to believe it!  

Mantras for Gratitude are Powerful

Whether we admit it or not, words have power, and when we speak them or write them, we give meaning to those words.  Mantras for gratitude beginners should mean something to you, and when expressed, that is when they have true power.  We are sometimes guilty of speaking negative thoughts to ourselves.  How wonderful it would be to “brainwash” ourselves out of these negative thoughts with a positive mantra.

How to Say Mantras for Gratitude Beginners

Traditionally, you would chant a mantra with a mala, a string of 108 beads with a main bead like a tassel connecting them together.  I was gifted some beautiful mala beads by a beautiful yogi friend.  One hand rests on the knee and the other hands moves the mala while you chant the mantra (traditionally the sound “Om”) and move the beads.  Each bead takes one chant.  When you reach the guru bead (the tassel), you flip the mala around and start over.  Manta’s do not have religious affiliation like a rosary.  If you have a mala, try your own mantras for gratitude beginners chant today!

At this time, we may feel weary of the state of the world, the uncertainty of our health and the health of others we love.  I find that one way to change my thoughts, is to focus on things or people around me that I am grateful for. 

Mantras for Gratitude Beginners Challenge

Think of ten things to be grateful for and place them on sticky notes all over the house- the bathroom, the kitchen sink, doorways.  Each time you pass a sticky note, chant the mantra ten times.  See how this might change your mind.  I would love to hear what it does for you! Try some Yoga for Gratitude to go along with your mantras!

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