8 Tips for Thriving in Ashtanga Yoga- Demystify Practice

8 Tips for Thriving with Ashtanga Yoga

8 Tips for Thriving with Ashtanga Yoga

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Ashtanga yoga is a very physically demanding practice so we need tips for thriving in Ashtanga Yoga. But the time and energy you put into it will be worth it if you approach your practice with some ashtanga yoga tips in mind:

8 Tips for Thriving in Ashtanga Yoga

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8 Tips for Thriving in Ashtanga Yoga- Demystified

  • 1. Lower your expectations of your body- many of the poses in the Primary sequence are demanding physically and you may have to build up some strength. Remember that yoga is Practice. The fun is in the journey!
  • 2. Practice everyday- Just 15-20 min daily will keep your muscles warm and flexible and will help you build the strength you need for all the chaturangas in the Primary series!
  • 3. Utilize your props- Blocks and straps (paid link) can help a lot with those tricky poses.
What to put in a yoga bag for beginners
  • 4. Work with a teacher- Find a teacher that understands the ins and outs of Ashtanga. You need to learn Ujjayi breath and how to utilize the Bandhas (energy locks)
  • 5. Learn how to breathe- Ujjayi breath of course!
  • 6. Are you sore? Two more weeks! Ashtanga yoga may bring up pains from old injuries or just muscle aches that never knew you had. Don’t give up! This is just the body adjusting. Learn the difference between good pain and bad pain by listening to the breath.
  • 7. Learn modifications- All yoga poses can be modified as you take your Ashtanga journey. Using yoga props (see 3) and working with a good teacher (see 4) will help you learn modifications to suit your body. I think this is one of the best tips for thriving in ashtanga yoga. Modifications will help you to understand what is possible for your body. Here is a modification video of the Surya Namaskara A and B sequence.
  • 8. Get a quality mat- I started yoga and felt I did not need a mat at all. Wrong! I quickly learned that I enjoyed a thick mat that rolled flat every time and a mat that was sticky enough so that I did not slip in adho muhka svanasana or when I began to sweat. My favorite is Manduka (paid link) !

I hope you enjoy and use the 8 Tips for Thriving in Ashtanga Yoga.  Next, check out my yoga program, Ashtanga for Dummies!

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