Yoga for Gratitude for Beginners- 5 Open Heart Practices

Yoga for Gratitude for Beginner Yogis

Yoga for Gratitude for Beginners

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I teach yoga for gratitude for beginners. Yoga can fill me with so many emotions- joy, calm, energy, peace.  Since yoga is such a part of my life, it comes full circle that I would seek out yoga to elicit gratitude.  Let’s practice five asanas together this week to feel gratitude. (And try this Mantra exercise for more gratitude.)

Yoga for Gratitude for Beginners- 5 Open Heart Practices

Yoga for Gratitude for Beginners

Humble Warrior- Clasp your hands together behind your back in Warrior II.  Inhale, look up, exhale fold forward toward the bent leg with the crown of head reaching toward the floor.  This will stretch the inner thighs, hips, and shoulders.  Dedicate this pose to someone you love and feel grateful for them. Yoga for gratitude for beginners may bring your emotions in line with your loved ones.

Yoga for Gratitude for Beginners

Anjanyasana- Sink hips down, draw in the lower belly, and reach the chest open as you gaze to the sky.  Try to close your eyes and focus on the breath to sink deeper into the pose. To feel yoga for gratitude for beginners, dedicate this pose to a place you love and feel gratitude for the time you have spent in that place.

Yoga for Gratitude for Beginners

Wild Thing- From Downward facing dog, lift you right leg into the air.  Bend the right knee and let the foot guide your body to flip.  Lift the hips to the sky and feel the heart space open. Feel the stretch through the sides of the body and the energizing effects of the backbend. Make sure to try both sides! Dedicate this pose to your amazing body.  Feel gratitude for what your body allows you to do.

Yoga for Gratitude for Beginners

Ustrasana- With the knees hip width distance apart, start by placing your fists on your lower back.  Lean into the hips and press the front of the body forward.  If you think you can deepen the pose, release the hand to the heels.  Dedicate this pose to something you have achieved.  Feel gratitude for those who have helped you along the way.

Yoga for Gratitude for Beginners

Malasana- Take your feet as wide as your mat and turn the toes out.  Bend knees and come into a yogi squat.  Widen your feet to help you bring your heels to the floor.  Bring your hands to heart center and your elbows to the knees to help open the inner thigh and hips. Dedicate this pose to something that brings you great joy.  Feel gratitude for this emotion.

Prayer for the Beginner Yogi

I am grateful for you, you who have taken the time to journey with me.

I am grateful that you will take the time to share my joy of yoga.  I wish the same for you.


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