7 Phases of Deployment- How Yoga will Save you

Yoga for Deployment

7 Phases Deployment

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I have developed a Membership program to address the 7 phases of deployment, Yoga for Deployment, exclusively for Military Spouses dealing with the ups and down, highs and lows, emotional rollercoaster of Deployment.

Deployment- A word every military spouse dreads. We all hope that it will not happen, but inevitably, the world we live in will hand us a deployment. Suddenly, you find yourself a single parent who shoulders all the tasks of the household (housekeeper, taxi driver, teacher, personal shopper, maid, financial guru) and all the emotions of loss, loneliness, anger, anxiety, and exhaustion. We have to figure out how to deal with the 7 Phases of Deployment.

It all sounds like too much! But then you start to talk to spouses who have been there before. You learn some survival skills and you find a new normal.

I am a military spouse. My husband is in the Air Force. We move every three years. We disrupt our kids, switch schools and jobs, and leave people behind. We deal with deployments.

But are you taking time to fill up your cup? If we are constantly depleted, we cannot hold everything together.

For me, yoga for deployment was the key to my survival. I would love to share my way to find calm and control with you: Stretch+Strength= Sanity. Find your way through the 7 phases of deployment!

7 Phases of Deployment

With my Yoga for Deployment Membership you will:

  • Receive strong physical relief by stretching and strengthening your body
  • Gain control of your emotions by learning how to control your breath during high pressure situations
  • Take care of your physical and emotional health by doing something just for you
  • Save your precious time in travel by having healthy workouts in your own home
  • Be supported by a community of spouses who are going through this, just like you
  • Have access to the membership for as long as you need, pre and post deployment

With Yoga for Deployment You Will Get: 

Relief for the emotional rollercoaster of the 7 Phases of Deployment!

Emotional Cycles and Yoga
This graph explains the 7 Phases of Deployment
  • Phase 1 Anticipation of Departure: 4 Pre-recorded yoga sessions that help you deal with denial, tension, frustration, and sadness- $80 Value
  • Phase 2 Detachment and Withdrawal: 4 Pre-recorded yoga sessions that target your need to destress, release anger, and protect yourself from hurt- $80 Value

Try a Phase 2 Yoga Sequence to see the results for yourself.

  • Phase 3 Emotional Disorganization: 4 Pre-recorded yoga sessions that counteract your feelings of disorganization and overwhelm- $80 Value
  • Phase 4 Recovery and Stabilization: 4 Pre-recorded yoga sessions that celebrate your feelings of independence and freedom- $80 Value
  • Phase 5 Anticipation of Return: 4 Pre-recorded yoga sessions that help you balance feelings of excitement and anxiety- $80 Value
  • Phase 6 Return Adjustment: 4 Pre-recorded yoga sessions that give you mental space for adjustment to changes and honest communication- $80 Value
  • Phase 7 Reintegration and Stabilization: 4 Pre-recorded yoga sessions that help you feel stabilized as life normalizes- $80 Value
  • One private yoga session with Abby Turner, RYT-500, of Yoga Traveler to meet your specific physical and emotional needs- $60 Value
  • Live Zoom yoga sessions monthly (based on a six month membership term)- $240 Value

And wait, there are bonuses to help you deal with the 7 phases of deployment!!

  • Access to the Yoga Traveler Meditation Library- $150 Value
  • Private Facebook Group for peer support
  • PDF Guides of survival tips during deployment- $90 Value
  • PDF of the Emotional Cycle of Deployment so you can be prepared for what to expect during this emotional time.
7 Phases of Deployment

Others Love Yoga for Deployment Too! They find relief for the 7 Phases of Deployment

This beginning program is the perfect starting point for anyone wanting to try out yoga for the first time or for someone that has taken a long break from yoga. The class is very good at explaining poses and giving modifications but also adds challenging poses for those who are ready to try a little more. I loved the variety of each of the 6 sessions. Abby is a fantastic teacher and has left me wanting more.” Jill Bodily

“I enjoyed the program and I think Abby is a great and accessible teacher. I learned the whole series and learned how to modify certain poses. The weekly modification videos were the best part. I knew many of the poses but I enjoyed Abby’s offerings of modifications and the clear instructions.” Kerry Walker

“I love Abby’s classes because I feel like I have a permission to be okay with being far from perfect. Yes, I want to be able to do poses like you someday and I know its going to take very long time but I’m still feeling inner peace.” Masako Roberts

Trust me, Yoga will Save You through the 7 Phases of Deployment

The cost of Yoga for Deployment is $24.95 a month. The Yoga for Deployment Membership is designed to last for the duration of your deployment, through all 7 phases of deployment. You  may cancel at any time.

I hope that you will join me. I hope that you will take the time to care for your most powerful asset, YOURSELF.

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