Meditation Technique for Beginners- Meditation 101 for Powerful Release

Meditation Techniques for Beginners

Meditation Technique for Beginners

What are some meditation technique for beginners? First, we need to discover what meditation actually is. All through time, peoples and cultures have looked for ways to go beyond their limits and discover more about themselves and nature. Meditation means “become familiar with” and it is a way of exploring the inner self. When we get busy in the pace of our lives, we are drawn outside. Meditation draws us inside.

Many people meditate to relax and cope with stress. Meditation technique for beginners can help slow the mind and balance the emotions. People use meditation for healing. It can take us a higher state of awareness or clarity. When looking for a meditation technique, ask yourself what you need to achieve and find a meditation that will match that goal. It is a good idea to experiment with the types listed below and find your best fit!

Yogi who is bad at meditating

Not everyone works with a meditation. Many will do the work of meditation on their own. Mediation is a personal pursuit. Avoid simply believing whatever you read or are told and test it against your own intuition to come to know the truth for yourself. There are many types of meditation technique for beginners out there to explore.

If you can develop a regular habit of meditation, it will be easiest to maintain in the long run. Find a time that fits naturally into your daily routine. Start with 10 min a day and build up from there. Many find that over time, their meditation time starts to lengthen naturally.

I love to use soft and gentle music while meditating. You might also enjoy incense or aromatherapy oils. Experiment with these methods. It is easier to meditate when it is quiet and peaceful. Try to set aside a place in your home or garden that allows for peaceful energy. Eventually, you will find that you can meditate in less than ideal situations.

You might want to journal (paid link) your experiences. Keep a curious mind to what you are experiencing. Be patient with yourself as you are learning meditation technique for beginners. The rewards will come!

Meditation Technique for Beginners- Meditation Positions

The most important thing about meditation technique for beginners is finding a position that is comfortable for you. The posture should allow your spine to be straight without tension. Try each of these and see what feels best to you.

Corpse pose is a great position for meditation technique for beginners that are based around relaxation.
Full lotus pose is a classic meditation posture but it is generally too strong for Western bodies. Try half lotus or easy seated pose for every day meditation use. You can place a cushion under your hips to release the pressure in the back and hip flexors.
Chair Yoga is Accessible Yoga
Sitting upright in a chair is also good for meditation. Ensure your feet can touch the floor- use blocks if needed!

Relaxing Meditation

The ability to relax on a physical, emotional, and mental level is important for maintaining health and well being and is an important starting point for beginners to meditation.

  • Sit comfortably and scan the body from top to bottom, bottom to top.
  • Become aware of anything that enters your mind.
  • Become aware of your feelings as a passive observer.
  • Allow yourself to rest in the stillness.
  • Tune back into your thoughts when ready to come out of the meditation.

Guided Imagery- Visualization

Visualization is powerful and can get you in touch with your imagination. You can visualize colors, places, symbols, mandalas, nature, gods. A good starting point is to find something of interest and focus on that same image over a period of meditation sessions. You can build momentum with the following mediation technique for beginners. Try this meditation while imagining you are in nature.

  • Sit or lie comfortably and scan your body from top to bottom.
  • Imagine yourself on the beach
  • See the beautiful waves, trees, sun, sand
  • Hear the waves, the wind in the trees, the call of sea gulls
  • Feel the sand between your toes, the sun warming your face and body
  • Smell the taste of fresh sea air.
  • Become aware of the atmosphere of the place. What would you do here?
  • Return to the real world by becoming aware of your physical body.
  • Take deep breaths and open your eyes.
Meditation Techniques for Beginners

Sound Meditation

Sound can be a meditation technique for beginners with the use of a mantra. Repeat a word, phrase, or sentence aloud or internally.

  • Sit or lie comfortably and take slow, deep breaths.
  • Bring to mind the mantra of choice and repeat it in a rhythmic fashion.
  • If your mind wanders, bring it back to the sound of the mantra.
  • Let the mantra become softer and softer

Five Senses Meditation

Being present in the moment is an extremely powerful key of meditation technique for beginners. Integrating mindfulness into daily life will improve your quality of life. It can be a powerful tool to counter habits and thoughts of worry or concern. Practice being aware of each sense. What do you taste when you eat? Really listen to someone. What do you smell when in nature? These practices will lead you to awaken into the fullness of the present moment. Try this Five Senses Mediation.

  • Sit comfortably and tune into your sense of smell. Become aware of smell from moment to moment.
  • After a few minutes, change the focus to taste. What do you taste on your tongue?
  • After a few minutes, change the focus to the eyes. Open them and take in what you see.
  • Close your eyes and be aware of your touch. Can you feel the touch of fabric against your skin?
  • Next, move to hearing. Listen to sounds close up and far away.
  • Turn inward and rest in the stillness. Do nothing, just be.
  • Move through your senses in reserve order and take some deep, slow breaths.
  • Commit to observing your sense as you go about your tasks.

Mediation Technique for Beginners 101

Now it is up to you, which meditation technique for beginners is the best for you? Try out my mediation techniques- Mediation Magic!

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