Eating Healthy Can Be Simple- 5 Fall Recipes

Eating Healthy Can Be Simple

Eating Healthy Can Be Simple

Eating healthy can be simple. My family enjoys a macros diet. I am hypoglycemic and measuring macros make my body feel good! Macros is a short term for macronutrients, the three categories of nutrients that we eat the most and fill our bodies with energy- fats, carbohydrates, and protein.

I started the Macros way of preparing my food with recipes from Clean Simple Eats. I have been doing it for so long that now I adjust my favorite recipes from my childhood into macros too. It is simple to create a balance with the app MyNetDiary. Eating healthy can be simple and it eases my mind to know I have my whole day set up with tasty macros meals.

I like lots of variety in my diet so I plan my recipes seasonally. I try to use fruits and vegetables that are in season to save a little in our budget. I am never home to cook when we actually need to eat so my husband and I do all our meal prep in the evenings. We prep two-three days at a time and eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks throughout the day. Each meal is around 350 calories, divided into macros. I am not a fancy cook but I do pick recipes that are quick and taste good!

Sample of How Eating Healthy Can Be Simple

Breakfast– I love Breakfast shakes.  I often start off my daily yoga routine with a breakfast shake. It is so easy to throw ingredients in a blender. And if you don’t like to sit down with your food, you can take the shake on the go. Eating healthy can be simple and a breakfast shake with a few yummy ingredients gets you on the go!

Eating Healthy Can Be Simple
I LOVE all the pumpkin in the Fall. I am a sucker for Seasonal and “Limited Edition.” Luckily, pumpkin is healthy!


One way eating healthy can be simple is to skip the cooking! Just utilize an assembly line to make a delicious meal.

Eating Healthy Can Be Simple- Yoga Traveler


A healthy dinner can be easy if you use time saving tools like a crock pot! We love to throw healthy ingredients in the crock pot first thing in the morning and then we enjoy hot dinner when we get home from work.

Eating Healthy Can Be Simple


Eating healthy can be simple if you have healthy snacks all ready to go in the fridge. This will help you to make healthy choices instead of grabbing that bag of chips (nothing wrong with chips, there are just more substantial options!) We eat two snacks a day.

Eating healthy can be simple
This is such a great grab and go option!

Eating Healthy Can be Simple with this Quick Bite

How often do a need a quick pick me up? Oh, every day! I love protein balls for the quick bite on the go.

Eating healthy can be simple

I hope some of these recipes give you inspiration about how eating healthy can be simple.

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