Surrender and Release with Yoga and 6 Powerful Essential Oils

Surrender and Release with Yoga

Surrender and Release with Yoga

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Surrender and Release with Yoga and 6 Powerful Essential oils. Yoga has healing properties for the mind and body. Yoga improves strength, balance, and flexibility. Yoga helps ease pains in the body like back pain. It benefits our heart health. It relaxes you to help you sleep better. Yoga is beneficial for the mental health and emotions. Yoga teaches us to breathe deeply and take control of our breath. Yoga slows the breath down to release stress on the nervous system.

We can maximize these healing properties when we combine yoga practice with essential oilsYoga and Essential Oils can be combined together for some strong emotional and physical benefits. When we apply essential oils to skin, diffuse them, or drink them, we are taking the plants natural defense system for our own benefit. Aromatically, essential oils can directly affect the airways. It can affect our moods and emotions, and the aroma can purify the air. When used topically, essential oils can be applied directly to a specific area. When oils are ingested, they can directly support the digestive system and our immune system. So, use essential oils in yoga class to create optimal health.

Understanding our emotions is another way to find balance and healing. Pent up emotions can effect our physical and mental health and stop us from realizing or living our true potential. Tools like yoga and essential oils can help us find balance. They are connected to our roots, emotions, and power and control. Surrender and release with yoga to move further through our development.

Surrender and Release with Yoga

Surrender and Release with Yoga and 6 Essential Oils

Let’s create a powerful emotional release with yoga and essential oils. Release your physical aches and mental anxieties, surrender to your emotions, and receive the powerful future awaiting you.

Essential Oil Set Up

Place a few drops of Frankincense (paid link) on the top of your mat. This oil supports the body in tissue repair for renewal. It brings stability and protection when the heart is feeling vulnerable (surrender).

Put a few drops of Wild Orange (paid link) into a cup or water bottle. You can sip throughout the practice. This supports healthy digestion (release) and has an uplifting aroma. It fosters optimism for those who have little tolerance for mishaps or mistakes (release).

Rub a few drops of Citrus Bliss Blend (paid link) on the back of your neck. This is uplifting and inspires creativity and power by letting go of old limitations and insecurities. This is both surrender and receive!

Surrender and Release with Yoga Practice

Start to move the body through warming yoga poses like child’s pose, cat and cow, and sun salutations. Try a balance in Vrkasana (tree pose) to surrender to the ground beneath your feet.

Surrender and release with yoga

Next, add a few drops of Elevation Blend (paid link) to the back of your neck. This is energizing and stimulating. It assists in letting go of lower energy vibrations, old habits, and addictions (release). It supports self worth. Surrender and release with yoga may make you feel vulnerable. You need this powerful support to your self worth.

Try these poses to help you feel surrender and release with yoga:

Each of the poses shown above will open the hips to release emotional tension and stretch the back and side body to release stress tension in the back. Surrender and release with yoga.

Time to Release to Receive

Now it is time to embrace the surrender, release into supported resting poses, and receive the grace which the universe has for you.

Place Serenity Blend (paid link) on your neck, shoulders and forearms. All of these are areas of high tension. This oil is relaxing and calming. It calms feelings of hostility, fear, anger, jealousy, rage and resentment.

Each of these poses will help you to rest on the bolster (paid link), block (paid link), or wall. You can relax tense areas of the body while you embrace support. Lastly, enjoy a savasana. Place Balance Blend (paid link) on the arches of the feet. This will support healthy muscle tone and is especially suited for those who seek to escape from life through disconnection or disassociation. It is grounding. After this practice, you will be able to surrender and release with yoga.

We must embrace pain and it use it as fuel for our journey.

Kenji Miyazawa

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