Tips for Yoga Twists for Beginners- 6 Ways to Unwind

Tips for Yoga Twists

Tips for Yoga Twists for Beginners

Why do yoga twists feel so good? Let’s explore why. Here are tips for yoga twists for beginners. Twists penetrate our core which stimulates and tones internal organs. This is good news for our kidneys and liver. They also create an open feeling in the spine and chest, shoulders, neck, and hips. Practicing regular twists helps maintain the length and resilience of the spinal soft tissues and health of the vertebral disks and joints of the spine. This all means we restore a full range of motion.

When we twist into more and more of pretzel, we unwind emotional and physical tension inside. Twists bring the body and mind to a more neutral state. They are both warming and cooling. Tips for yoga twists- try them in a variety of places as you practice yoga- beginning, middle, and end!

6 Tips for Yoga Twists

  • Practice each twist on each side to promote balance
  • Yoga twists can be used for warming and as a pathway to the peak. They help reduce tension along the way.
  • Side bends and forward folds prior to twists can help us reach full rotation in the small spinal muscles.
  • Twists are neutralizing and are excellent for calming anxiety and relieving lethargy. They keep us calm and wake us up!
  • Twist stimulate the nervous system and awaken energy after relaxing sequences like forward bends and hip openers.
  • Twists neutralize the spine after deep back bends.
Yoga with a Bolster
Jathara Parivartanasana is warming and can be done as part of relieving tension and bringing warmth to the body. This poses strengthens the abdominal obliques. I also love to use this pose right before cooling down in savasana.
Alignment and Balance with Yoga
Bharadvajrasana- Twist into a pretzel to unwind physical and emotional tension inside!
Ardha Matsendrasana (Half Lord of the fishes) helps us stabilize the pelvis and lengthen the spine.
Tips for Yoga Twists
Twists are excellent preparatory poses for back bends!
Parvitta Trikoansana- Standing twists teach how to stabilize the pelvis and spine and give our body practice for seated twists.

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