7 Best Apps for Content Creators- Small Business Favs

Best Apps for Content Creators

7 Best Apps for Content Creators

You want to know the best apps for content creators, whether you are a small business owner like me (Yoga Traveler) or a social media influencer. How can you get the best bang for your buck and save time while you are at it? With these best apps for content creators!

Best Apps for Content Creators

  1. Premiere Rush– This app is my go to for video editing software. I film all the videos for my online yoga studio with my phone or Ipad. Then I load them into the Premiere Rush app. I can easily crop films, add music from the pre-loaded library or import my own (just be careful of copywrite issues), add voice over, add pictures, or add files. I can adjust the volume and take out unwanted background noise. I can splice clips together with transitions. When finished with the film, I simply download to my phone to be shared to YouTube or my studio site.

2. Teleprompter App- This app allows you to create scripts for your instructional films. No more fumbling for the right words! You can choose the speed of the script, push play and film, and the words will appear on the screen for you to read as you record. So simple!

3. Compressor- A compressor app is one of the best apps for content creators because we all need a way to save space in our devices. It is easy to fill up memories with video snippets so I run everything through my compressor app then delete the old video to save space. This is helpful for on the go when you can’t get to your laptop right away to upload videos.

4. Canva– Canva is a platform to create all you graphics. They have 25 designs complete with templates and millions of preloaded images, fonts, and colors. You can let your creative genius flow with Canva. You can choose between a free and paid account. I find them reasonably priced and the possibilities are limitless.

Best Apps for Content Creators

5. Calendly– This is my scheduling tool. A free account can create three event types with unique url to allow for easy booking. Paid accounts allow six or more. Calendly can be imbedded into WordPress blogs for ease of scheduling and visibility. My favorite feature of Calendly is the ability to load where we will be meeting (in my case the Zoom link for Yoga Traveler online classes) and will send reminders the day before and day of the event.

6. Planoly– Planoly is a social media content creator tool. It has free and paid plans and loads your content to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It has tools that allow you store your ideas to be posted later and provides educational events like “It’s Reels Easy: Using Planoly’s Reel Planner.” If you know anything about IG, Reels are the way to go. So I can always count on Planoly to be on the up and up. This is one the best apps for content creators who like to plan for successful social media content.

Best aps for content creators

7. Trello– Trello is one of the best apps for content creators because it is the ultimate digital planner. With the software, you set up boards around your ideas. It allows you to establish tasks and share the boards with others on your team. They make it easy to slide the tasks around into your completed field, making you feel successful in accomplishment. Feel free to plan and create away!

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