Prenatal Yoga Tips for Beginners- 10 Ways to Support Mom and Baby

Prenatal Yoga Tips for Beginners

Prenatal Yoga Tips for Beginners

You have exciting news- you are pregnant! And you want to do everything you can to take care of your baby- that includes yoga. You need prenatal yoga tips for Beginners! Here are 10 Tips to take care of your growing baby and your changing body.

Prenatal Yoga Tips for Beginners

10 Prenatal Yoga Tips for Beginners

  1. Twist Open- As your body changes and the baby grows, you will have less and less room to twist. You never want to restrict air to the baby. This is a simple fix. Take twist from an open position. Instead of twisting toward the leg like in Ardha Matsyendrasana, try open twists like Bharajavasana.
Alignment and Balance with Yoga
This pose will allow your spine to twist and release tension in the hips. It will keep your center open so mom and baby can breathe.

2. Don’t lay flat after the first trimester- The baby will start placing pressure on your spine so laying flat will make your lower extremities fall asleep. Instead, take Savasana propped with bolsters or laying on your side. Supta Baddha Konasana is my favorite for pregnancy as it will release tension in the lower back and hips, an overworked area for pregnant moms.

Prenatal Yoga Routine

3. Embrace Hip rolls! Hip rolls feel good on the floor or on a chair. Try sitting in criss cross and rolling back and forth from side to side. Sitting in a chair, keep both feet on the floor and roll on your hips. Hip rolls will release low back pressure and stimulate your core muscles.

4. Taking time to move makes you feel better, not more tired. This may be the most essential of the prenatal yoga tips for beginners. In the first and third trimester, you may feel so drained of energy so the idea of moving sounds too much. Yoga helps you to focus on deep breathing which can boost your energy levels as you will be taking in more air. Yoga helps to stretch tired, overworked muscles. Gentle movement can work out the kinks in your changing body. Honor your body and your breath by moving to release and relive aches.

5. Widen your legs in forward bends to allow the baby to breathe. This prenatal yoga tips for beginners is much like the twists from tip 1. You should never cut off air flow to the baby. In standing or seated forward bends, make sure your legs are at least shoulder width distance apart. Not only will this allow your baby to get air, you will feel a deeper release in the sacrum. You can still get a great stretch in the hamstrings as well.

6. Invest in a bolster. A bolster is the most helpful tool in the prenatal yoga tips for beginners. The bolster will prop up your body making supine and twisting yoga poses possible in pregnancy. You can support your hips, back, and baby. Enter to win a free yoga bolster!

Yoga with a Bolster
Yoga Poses to Ease Back Pain

9. Always keep breath flow to the baby. If you are struggling to breathe, so is the baby. Pay attention to your breath above all else.

10. Do yoga to feel great, not to loose weight. Pregnancy is not the time to loose weight unless under the care of a doctor. Focus your yoga practice on making your body feel GREAT!

Prenatal yoga tips for beginners will keep mom and baby safe and healthy. Try this great yoga program specifically designed for pregnancy!

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