How to Build a Morning Yoga Routine- 3 Ways to Energize

Build a Morning Yoga Routine

How to Build a Morning Yoga Routine

How to build a morning yoga routine? Popular yoga culture wants you to believe that yoga is a physical practice only. But the practice of yoga is so much more. It is a mindset, a lifestyle, a set of values. It is helpful to embrace a yoga lifestyle by setting up a morning yoga routine that feels natural and energizing at the beginning of a day. We will do this by using the eight limbs of yoga.

8 Limbs of yoga Journey

Build a Morning Yoga Routine with the 8 Limbs of Yoga

Lets use three of the 8 limbs of yoga to build a morning yoga routine. We will start with Pranayama, mindful breathing, move into Asana, the yoga postures, and finish off with Meditation, observation and reflection.


Alternate Nostril Breathing- Pranayama

Pranayama is the practice of controlling your breath, the timing, the duration, the frequency of every breath. The goal is to connect with the mind and body. It is important to have this connection first thing in the day as it will center and focus your thoughts. It also supplies your body with oxygen which will help to wake you up and give you energy. The benefits of Pranayama, mindful breathing are many:

  • Decreases stress
  • Increases mindfulness
  • Reduces high blood pressure
  • Improves lung functioning
  • Enhances cognitive performance

Follow along with me- Alternate Nostril Breathing, and begin to build a morning yoga routine.


Asana is the physical movement that will start your day off right. You will combine the breathwork (pranayama) with movement to build energy and work out the kinks from your night of lying still. My favorite things to do in a morning yoga practice are surya namaskara (sun salutations), forward bends, and twists. I like to feel my entire spine wake up!

Build a Morning Yoga Routine

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Finishing off your morning yoga routine with meditation will get you focused for your day. Meditation is the practice of focusing your mind but not engaging actively in your thoughts. The benefits of meditation are:

  • Strengthening memory
  • Increasing the areas of the brain that focus on learning
  • Increases attention
  • Improves self awareness
  • Calms the parasympathetic nervous system

Follow along with this guided mediation which will help you to become aware of your body and the stresses that may be there. Learn to let go and find calm as you build a morning yoga routine.

Give it a try and start you day with these three things: pranayama, asana, and meditation. You will be well on your way to build a morning yoga routine!

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