The Uncomfortable Truth About Yoga- 5 Scary Facts

Uncomfortable Truth About Yoga

The Uncomfortable Truth About Yoga

What is the uncomfortable truth about yoga? Yoga is a world wide discipline that combines physical and mental aspects of health and wellbeing. Some may say that it is trendy, but Yoga is over 7,000 years old. If you are contemplating starting a yoga practice, there are some things you might want to consider. Here are five things that you may not be aware of when you start a yoga practice. But don’t worry, there are solutions that will keep you going and keep you practicing yoga.

Uncomfortable Truth About Yoga- with Solutions for Success!

#1- Yoga is hard. What? Of course yoga will be hard! Nothing worth doing is truly easy. When you start yoga, you may be physically strong but not flexible enough to do the poses. You may be flexible but not strong. You may have aches and pains in places that you did not expect.

Uncomfortable Truth About Yoga

Solution? Use blocks and straps (paid link) to build up your flexibility over time. Keep doing yoga to build up your strength and don’t be afraid to modify the poses, again using blocks and straps. Modifying poses will help you to honor your body as you practice and work through those aches and pains. Props are your best friend to combat an uncomfortable truth about yoga!

#2- Yoga may not help you lose weight– Sometimes we start an exercise routine with the goals of weight loss. Yoga is a low impact discipline that you can physically do for a whole life. Remember that yoga is one piece of a healthy lifestyle and if it is not combined other aspects of health (proper sleep and diet) you may not lose weight.

Yoga for Weight Loss

Solution- Learn the Yamas and Niyamas as you start to practice yoga. They are a value system which can help you examine your lifestyle choices and be more in tune with what your body really needs. Create a daily routine that includes the physical aspects of yoga and the meditation for the mental aspects of yoga. Over time, the change of lifestyle may result in weight loss and help you avoid an uncomfortable truth about yoga.

#3- Yoga will make you poop. This is uncomfortable because no one wants to talk about poop. Yoga poses will get your digestive system working and you may start to fart- in class! This is definitely an uncomfortable truth about yoga.

Uncomfortable Truth About Yoga

Solution- Know that everyone farts from time to time and just keep going. Know that every time you do a forward bend or twist you are activating your digestive system to release gas and toxins from your body. Know that this will result in better poop and a lighter feeling in your body.

#4- Yoga may result in injury- When we start a new exercise or practice, we run the risk of being injured. Sometimes we push too far too fast and we get injured.

Uncomfortable Truth about yoga

Solution- When in a yoga class, listen to your body. Do not try to “show off” with poses. Tell your yoga teacher if you already have an injury so that you can get suggestions for modifications in poses. Use blocks and straps to modify poses as you learn. Understand the value of rest as you are learning. Your body will thank you if you can avoid this uncomfortable truth about yoga.

#5- Yoga class is too crowded- The fact is Americans practicing yoga has grown by over 50% in the last four years. This may result in overcrowded classes.

Yoga for Me

Solution- Go early to class to get a spot. The days of showing up last minute are over. Enjoy the energy of a room of people breathing all together. If crowds are not your style, consider practicing yoga at home with an online yoga studio. May I suggest Yoga Traveler Online!

Those are the five uncomfortable truths about yoga with solutions of how to overcome them all. Enjoy your yoga practice and don’t let anything hold you back!

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