Why I Love Teaching Yoga at Home- 6 Hidden Benefits

Why I Love Teaching Yoga at Home

Why I Love Teaching Yoga at Home

Why I love teaching yoga at home? Well, my teaching career did not start out that way! I began teaching in 2013, shortly after I discovered that yoga had the potential to change people’s lives, it had already changed mine. At the time, I was suffering from postpartum depression and learning how to deeply breathe and move at the same time were mind blowing and so, so healing. We also were going through family upheaval of changing careers from the civilian sector to USAF. I knew that teaching yoga could be a career that could follow me through these physical and highly emotional changes.

My yoga teacher career started with teaching in gyms where I could access child care. I had to learn how to adapt the yoga flow to any student who walked in the room. Many came to me never having taken yoga before. They were just experiencing a class in their gym for the first time. I had to “hook” them by creating a safe space for them to learn the basics, get stronger, and more flexible over time. I strived to create a love for yoga in every student.

Then, 2020 and the COVID-19 Pandemic, changed the face of the yoga world. I started both practicing and teaching yoga online from my home in order to be safe for myself and my clients. I learned some surprising benefits of teaching and practicing yoga at home. Here is why I love teaching yoga at home.

Why I Love Teaching Yoga At Home

Benefit 1- Interaction

When I first started teaching yoga at home, I was worried that I would miss the personal interaction with my clients. I found this to be incorrect because I still see them live through Zoom. We chat, I look at their form, I give them real time adjustments so the yoga poses can benefit their bodies, and I feel a true connection with them. The only thing that is lacking is hands on adjustments. I must give them verbally instead.

Benefit 2- Connection

One of the most challenging things about being a military family is that we make connections and then we move on, leaving people behind. This was no different for my treasured yogis. Saying goodbye to my yoga classes and clients was always my hardest goodbye. But when I left OK for ND in 2022, I brought my private clients with me, into my home! I have been able to reconnect with clients in Japan, Korea, and all over the United States. This one of the main reasons why I love teaching yoga at home.

Benefit 3- Atmosphere

One of the things I hated about working in gyms, was that I always had to share the room with the exercises bikes, I could not adjust the lights or temperature to what I wanted, and I was always hearing the loud Body Pump or Zumba music down the hall. Hard to create an atmosphere of calm and healing. (Unfortunately, I rarely had the chance to teach in a dedicated yoga studio due to living out of country or in small military towns.) At home, I have full control of my atmosphere and what my clients see through the screen. This is one reason why I love teaching yoga at home.

Why I Love Teaching Yoga at Home- Atmosphere

Benefit 4- Doggie Daycare

One of the reasons why I love teaching yoga at home is that it gives me another way to connect with my doggie! Mochi used to be shut up in the kennel while I was away teaching and now she is free to roam while I am teaching. The only issue is that she often ends up on my mat…. She is a true down dog yoga dog!

Benefit 5- Convenience

Throughout my years of teaching yoga, I have taught at multiple studios/gyms in a day and traveled to people’s houses or businesses for classes and private lessons. This is a waste of time and gas and I would need to be very careful that I computed travel time in my schedule. Teaching at home means that I walk down the hall to my studio. All of my props are there, I don’t have to worry about weather or traffic, and I save time and money. This is a huge reason why I love teaching yoga at home.

Benefit 6- Savasana

Why I love teaching yoga at home? Savasana! I look forward to savasana when I teach because it is chance to mute my mic and throw in some laundry! Or I can go get a drink, or I can check the mail, any number of minor household tasks. I really love it when I mute my mic and take the time to have my own meditation session while my class or clients rest. The time is as worthwhile for me as it is for them!

Come along with me! Give yoga at home a try. I think you will find the benefits as rewarding as I do!

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