Journey to Healing Through Chakras


Journey to Healing Through Chakras

Heal your body, heal your mind, heal your soul with Journey to Healing Through Chakras, an immersive program. Learn how the seven Chakra Energies are linked to emotion and physical locations so that you can come into balance. For each chakra, you will learn the benefits, practice healing yoga, practice a ritual, and celebrate your new found balance!


Journey to Healing Through the Chakras

Journey to Healing Through Chakras

Healing is Possible- What if you had a way to heal your body, mind, and soul?

Journey to Healing Through Chakras is the first step in understanding the healing energies of the Chakras.  It is the first step to health and balance.

Muladhara Chakra and Yoga

Root Chakra- Journey to Healing Through Chakras

Are you resistant to change?  Do you spend too much money? Are you overly fearful? Are you often restless?

Learning about the Root Chakra will teach you how to create stability and prosperity.  You will learn how to be grounded and how to have presence in the here and now.

Svadhishthana Chakra and yoga

Sacral Chakra Balancing

Do you have obsessive attachments? Do you suffer from mood swings? Are you social skills lacking?  Do you fear change?

Practicing Yoga for the Sacral Chakra will help you learn to embrace change and set healthy boundaries.  You will embrace graceful movements.

Manipura Chakra and Yoga

Sacral Chakra Balancing Journey

Do you find yourself dominating and controlling?  Or do you lack energy and have poor digestion?

Practicing the Fire Circle Ritual for the Sacral Chakra will teach you good self discipline.  You will be confident and energetic.

Anahata Chakra and Yoga

Heart Chakra

Are you often jealous of others or find yourself being a pleaser?  Are you lonely or isolated and fear intimacy?

Celebrating the Balancing of the Heart Chakra will help you feel caring, compassionate, self-loving, and content.

Vishuddha Chakra and Yoga

Throat Chakra Balancing

Do you sometimes talk too much?  Are you excessively loud?  Maybe you fear speaking or are secretive.

Learning about the Throat Chakra will help you have clear communication with others, become a good listener, and teach you how to speak your truth.

Ajna Chakra and Yoga

Third Eye Chakra Journey to Balance

Do you have nightmares or difficulty concentrating?  Do you lack imagination or have difficulty visualizing?

Practicing yoga poses that stimulate the third eye chakra can teach you how to develop strong intuition and good memory.  You will have a guiding vision for your life.

Sahasrara Chakra and Yoga

Crown Chakra Balancing

Are you disconnected from your spirit or disassociated with your body? Do you have a closed mind or learning difficulties?

Practicing a meditation designed to energize the crown chakra will lead you to spiritual connection and wisdom and mastery for the whole chakra system.

Journey to Healing Through Chakras Includes Many Benefits!

  • Instruction about each Chakra to learn about energy deficiencies, excesses, and how to get balanced- $70 Value
  • Self reflective questions about each Chakra so that you can learn how to come into optimal health and wellness- $35 Value 
  • Chakra Sun Salutation sequences designed to get you moving in the morning and harness the chakra energy for your day- $70 Value
  • Yoga lesson for each Chakra that teach the movement benefits of caring for the body and stimulate specific parts of the body for health- $140 Value
  • Ritual ceremonies for each Chakra to help you internalize the Chakra meaning and create lasting healthy habits- $140 Value
  • Celebrate the Chakras!  Have fun and celebrate your growth and newly found balance- $140 Value

Don’t let the healing and balance slip away.  Take a Journey to Healing Through Chakras today!


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